Our Mission

Unlocking the potential and enriching the life of every student

Our Values

  • Student Led

  • Brave

  • Empowering

  • Respected

  • We are student led, democratic, inclusive, and unified
  • We are brave, innovative, and committed
  • We appreciate, understand, serve and empower our members
  • We actively and professionally represent our members
  • We respect our members, staff and partners
  • We will deliver and be respected by all
  • We are ready to meet future challenges

Our Vision

To be ranked as a top five students' union in the UK

The Vision 2020 identifies the key areas of work that the Students' Union will focus on until 2020 to continue to deliver improvements in quality of life for all students. The vision is available to read here

  • Be student led, inclusive, committed and fully engaged with all of our members and key stakeholders
  • Be a brave organisation that encourages and cultivates innovative ideas and activities
  • Be the informed and legitimate voice of our members
  • Be adaptable, proactive, relevant and an essential part of each student's experience, empowering each one to be an exceptional member of society
  • Create a fun, safe and supportive environment with a strong sense of community
  • Help our members gain lasting friendships, have great experiences and create memories for life
  • Exceed the expectations of our members
  • Have a great reputation for our achievements and ambition