On Thursday 21 November 2019, the Union will be holding a Making Change Summit (+AGM). This event will be held on the Concourse of Building 42 on Highfield Campus from 14:00 onwards.

To view the agenda and vote on the items to be discussed at the AGM please click here

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

You can read the formal notice for this meeting here.

Due to the announcement of strike action by UCU, the AGM will also vote on whether the Students' Union should support this or not

Making Change Summit

After the AGM has taken place, our Sabbatical Officers will be leading discussions about several key topics. The topics for these discussions will be drawn from recent submission from our student through our You Make Change portal and feedback from students.

Come along throughout the day to join in with these discussions, and share any ideas you have.

What are we going to change?

We will be running three key discussions. After each discussion you will be able to vote on what actions we should take. The key topics for discussion are:

Discussion 1: Q and A on the General Election.

As a Students’ Union we must remain unpolitical and will not be making any statements about candidates or parties in the General Election. However, we understand that this is an important time for students and for many of you this may be your first opportunity to vote on a national level. This period will be an opportunity to ask any questions you have specifically about voting as a student from a practical perspective, and will not be a political discussion.

You will also be able to register to vote on iPads on the Concourse during the event.

Discussion 2: What action can the Students’ Union take to tackle misconduct and ensure students feel safe and respected during their time at University?

Our VP Welfare and Community, Laura Barr has been working on a Code of Conduct that will ensure that our student body has a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities if they encounter any form of harassment or misconduct during their time at University. We would like to hear from you about what you think your Students’ Union should be doing to prevent misconduct from occurring to keep our students safer on campus and how we should react should anything come to our attention.

Your attendance and contribution will help to directly shape the work that is done over this next year by your team of elected officers. We invite you to come join us on Thursday 21st November 2019 to engage with the discussion and share your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend in person if I have already voted online?

Yes, you can vote online and attend the discussions on the day. You will not need to vote again in person as all the votes cast on the day and on the website will be collated for the final tally.

I’m not able to attend one or all of the discussions on Thursday 29 November, how can I still be involved and submit my ideas to the Students' Union?

We value your feedback on everything we do here at the Union and would love for you to still be involved even if you can’t make it in person. If you are not able to attend then you can still give us ideas through our Your Make Change page.

Why haven’t I heard of the Making Change Summit before?

Every year the Students' Union must hold an Annual General Meeting as a legal requirement. More details on this can be found under ‘What is an AGM and why is it important?’. In previous years, this meeting has gone by different names and has typically been held in May. To make it easier for everyone to get involved in campaigns and projects that are happening right now, we have moved the AGM to November and have renamed it to reflect the true purpose of the day which is to consult with and involve our students in the work we do.

What is an AGM and why is it important?

The AGM stands for Annual General Meeting and it is a meeting of the general membership of an organisation or group. The legal requirements of the AGM at the Students' Union is for our students to receive and approve the Annual Reports which include the accounts for the year 2018/19, the Appointment of the Auditors and the Political Expenditure of the Union next year.

All our student-led clubs and societies will hold an Annual General Meeting at the end of each academic year to elect the new committee members. Like these society AGMs, the AGM it is an important opportunity for stakeholders of an organisation to meet and feedback its performance and future plans.

Where can I vote in person?

On the day you can vote in-person by simply raising your hand when the vote is called during the meeting. It is as simple as that!