Summer Elections 2017

We are run by students, for students. That's why we hold democratic elections for you to choose the students who lead our Union.

There’s a range of different elections throughout the year – some will only be for specific groups of students, such as students on a particular course voting for their Course Rep, or students in a particular hall of residence voting for their Halls Committees.

The main elections happen every Spring, in February and March, when you get to choose the Full-time Officers for the next year, as well as the part-time Student Leaders above.

Voting in the Union elections might seem boring, and you might not know all the candidates, but there will be plenty of information out about them, and actually – voting is pretty important. These are the guys who are going to represent you and run your Union, and you should have a say in who does those things.

Voting is done online, takes literally minutes (at most!) and can be done from your laptop, tablet or phone anywhere in the world – so there’s no excuse for being the one who doesn’t get involved.

Summer Elections

These elections include Academic Presidents and by-elections for student leader roles for 17-18

Spring Elections

These elections included the full-time sabbatical officers and part-time student leaders who will go on to lead the Union in the 17-18 academic year

Halls Commitee Elections

Your Halls Committee is a group of residents, elected by the current students living in halls. They are there to organise great social events, to keep you safe and sound and to represent your views to the Students' Union. Their job is to make sure that your time in halls or private rented accommodations is the best experience possible.

Student Leader, Zone Open Places, Postgrad Committee and Senate

What are Elections?

Find out more about why we run elections, and how they work here