Spring Elections Timetable

Here's the full timetable for the Spring Elections 2017! If you're thinking of running in the election, please scroll down to view some extra key dates for campaigning.

  • Nominations open

    Monday 30 January, 12:00

    From this point, you can submit your nomination online at www.unionsouthampton.org/elections. But don't worry, you have a few weeks until they close, so use this time to plan, draft you manifesto and start building your campaign team.

  • Nominations close

    Thursday 16 February, 13:00

    The very latest time to submit your nomination. Late nominations are not accepted unless there are genuine reasons why you couldn't submit on time, so make sure you're all done by 13:00!

  • Candidates' briefing

    Fri 17 February, 12:00

    The candidates' briefing is where you find out all the important information about running your campaign - and also the first time you'll get to see who else is running! All candidates need to come to this event, though you can be excused if you have a lecture or another commitment.

    The briefing will start in The Cube (B42, Highfield Campus) at 12pm

  • Candidates' announcement

    Fri 17 February, 17:00

    The big announcement of who's running for what.

  • Media Week starts

    Fri 17 February, 17:00

    Our student media - Wessex Scene, Surge Radio and SUSUtv - will be interviewing candidates during this time in preparation for campaigning. This is also the time for candidates to prepare their campaigns and get their publicity ready.

  • Publicity Submission Deadline

    Mon 20 February, 12:00

    The deadline to get all the designs for your publicity provided by the Students' Union submitted in time for the start of campaigning

  • Campaigning Starts

    Wednesday 22 February, 12:00

    The campaigns will kick into gear, and with voting starting next week, the full range of campaigning techniques can be used, including putting up posters and banners, as well as lecture shout-outs and campaigning online

  • Voting Opens

    Monday 27 February, 10:00

    The final week has the campaign teams out, bringing back the elections excitement. Surge will be keeping things going with live outside broadcasts.

  • Meet the Candidates #1

    Mon 27 February, 19:00

    Your chance to come along to the Concourse (Students' Union, B42) and question the candidates on their policies.

  • Meet the Candidates #2

    Tues 28 February, 19:00

    Your chance to come along to the Concourse (Students' Union, B42) and question the candidates on their policies.

  • Voting Closes

    Friday 3 March, 16:00

    Voting closes, with the results to follow in the evening

  • Elections Night Live

    Friday 3 March, 20:00

    Join the candidates and campaign teams in the Cube for the announcement of the results at Results Night.