Jiaqi Ling

Enterprise Officer

Key Points

  • I am interested in helping students find their ideal jobs
  • I am good at communication and negotiation
  • I am willing to work together with sociaties
  • I am a responsible, friendly, and helpful person
  • Manifesto: I am ready to sit next to you

Hello everyone, my name is Jiaqi Ling, you can also call me Lucy. I would like to apply for the enterprise officer position. The most important reason is because that I am interested in helping students, including myself as well, find and match with their ideal jobs. Moreover, I am good at communication and negotiation. I am able to set up a good relationship with clients and explore more working opportunities. 

If I am an enterprise officer, I will take an active role within Global Entrepreneurship Week activities and campaign, advocate SUSU projects and initiatives involving the External Engagement Zone and beyond, and positively work alongside student groups and societies to develop new initiatives and events across campus. In addition, I am willing to promote established SUSU and University career-based initiatives related to employability skills developed through student enterprise activities, work alongside other External Engagement Zone student leaders on projects and initiatives around Student enterprise and other zone initiatives, and take a lead in the promotion and delivery of the SUSU Student Enterprise Fund. Also, I would like to work alongside SUSU to help develop reward systems and social support for the entrepreneurs, liaise between relevant student groups and Sabbatical Officer to provide feedback and improve the SUSU Enterprise offer, and support in the continued building of relationships with the entire University Enterprise community.

Thank you for your time and I am willing to receive your votes and feedbacks!