Dibyayan Ghosh

International Officer

Key Points

  • Establishing a point of contact over the general university hours
  • Establishing a point of contact during holidays
  • Building an effective channel of communication among different international students
  • Providing general academic advice to international students
  • Providing financial advice to international students

Hello everyone! As an international student myself, I have had a wonderful experience so far studying at the University of Southampton. I, however, must admit that there have been a few instances wherein I could have done better with a bit of advice. I understand that as an international student myself, one may have certain questions or opinions which she or he might feel to be better understood and thereby addressed by someone who is on the same page as her or him. I, therefore, seek to act as an assistant to all international students to direct them into doing the things that they want in the most sensible manner.

The primary reason for nominating myself for this role is to enable international students to have their questions answered over the university hours and especially during holidays quicker. As an international student myself, what I understand is adapting with regards to the academic standards and lifestyle are the key to optimizing our experiences as international students. As such, I think I might be able to assist them in applying such practical methods as I have to further their prospects. This would also involve their participation in several events and societies that are not just limited to the ones which are related to the country of their birth. 

Thank you so much for your time in reading this and I hope to have the opportunity of assisting you in the near future! ????