Abigail Mustard

Vice President Activities

Key Points

  • I am Passionate about the university and its societies.
  • I will improve awareness of smaller societies.
  • I will enhance university support given to committees.
  • I will increase access to employability opportunities.
  • I will build upon the successful fundraising schemes.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Abi and I’m running for VP Activities. I am a third year Economics and Finance student and have been part of many societies throughout my time at the university including; Tennis, Pottery, Sign Language and Zumba. I love baking, reading and the occasional Oceana Wednesday. As I near the end of my time at the university, I want to use my experiences to improve our societies and give back to the university in an area I am passionate about.  

Why me?

I am running because I want to ensure everyone can benefit from the 220+ clubs and societies we have.  Being part of societies has enriched my university experience, both through making friends and increasing my employability, which is clearly a major benefit of attending university. It is important that all students have equal access to these opportunities whatever their circumstances. If I was elected, I would ensure all activities have access to funding opportunities and are equally recognised by the university.

 The current process for risk assessments and other forms done by committees is lengthy and confusing if I were to be elected, I would ensure communication with societies is clear, allowing them to focus more time on their activities. Having noticed that it has been hard for small societies to grow in members. I would like to make changes to the Website and social media pages to improve visibility to these societies. Further to this I will introduce committee coffee mornings to make it easier for societies to mix and organise events.

As a driven individual I always give 100% to my responsibilities, seen through my committee roles. I am currently President of the Women in Business society which has allowed me to see the current support given to societies by the university.  I joined the society in my first year where I was a member later becoming Social Media Officer which increased my media awareness and will help me communicate with students in this role. As President I am responsible for organising events and communicate with employers. This journey has given me insight to how societies work at the university and I have found several areas I would like to improve upon to increase society attendance and increase access to help for committees where needed.

Other aspects of the VP Activities role include; leading student volunteering and fundraising, something of particular interest for me. I believe as a university we are already successful in this and I would like to continue our efforts looking to increase the number of fundraising events to continue this. Alongside this I will develop employability for students through workshops and increasing society collaborations as I believe this is a key skill you should have before graduating.

 Thank you for your time I look forward to having the opportunity to represent you.