Ned Williams

Student Trustee

Key Points

  • Experienced - I am a current trustee
  • Engaged - I enjoy getting stuck in on improving the Union
  • Keen - I look forward to getting involved in the decision process
  • Inclusive - I want to see a Union that serves everyone equally
  • Student-oriented - It's the voices of students that should count

Hi! I'm a third year Physics student, and a current student trustee. The Trustee Board makes key decisions about the direction of the students' union, and I believe it's important that the voices of typical current students are heard in that decision process.

In the past year I've learned a lot about how the board works and the purpose it serves, and I'd love to continue represent the student body on it! As well as being a current student trustee, I also hold or have held several other positions within the union, including being on the committees of two zones (one of which I represent on the Union Senate), and having been the Treasurer and then President of a student society.

If elected I would strive to ensure that finances in the union are efficiently spent on making the student experience the best it can possibly be for everyone. I would also work for a more inclusive union, making sure that underrepresented groups are heard and that everyone is considered equally when making trustee board decisions.

I'm keen to help shape the direction of SUSU according to the needs and interests of the student body across all campuses, and I'd be delighted to continue serving on the Trustee Board in order to do that.