Carmen Kalumba

International Officer

Key Points

  • I am Approachable
  • I am Friendly
  • I have good listening skills
  • I am empatheitc
  • I am co-operative

Hello everyone

I am an international student in my final year and I would like to be your international officer. I am interested in this role because as an international student, I acknowledge that our experiences, challenges and requirements are not always the same as students from within the U.K. Therefore, I would like to represent you and be your voice by communicating all your needs and queries to the union. I would like to be a mediator between international students and the union by providing feedback on issues of concern as well as promoting relevant events and activities to keep you entertained. I would appreciate this role as it would not only ensure international students are effectively represented but it would also contribute to my personal growth and development by improving  my skills such as communication.