We are a society that promotes and engages in the sport of Airsoft. Everyone from first-timers to seasoned veterans are welcome, and with trips to sites all over South England there's plenty to cater for everyone's tastes. Our membership brings benefits beyond our game days.

We have teamed up with a few local suppliers to provide our members with discounted gas and ammunition on game days as well as shopping trips around once per term so you can look at the gear before you buy.

We even run our own fleet of hire kit for people who don't want the hassle and cost of owning their own guns, so you can turn up for a game day and have fun whether its your 1st time or your 50th. IMPORTANT!
If you wish to join our Mailing List, please do so here: https://members.supac.org.uk/register

About Airsoft

Airsoft has evolved from a training aid used by the Armed Forces into a popular alternative to paintball, using realistic-looking firearms firing 6 mm plastic pellets out to ranges of 40-60 m on sites varying from woodlands to World War 2 tunnels and everything in between. Since there is no paint to splatter everywhere airsofters can ditch wearing cumbersome overalls for all manner of equipment from modern tactical vests and camouflage to loadouts inspired by film or history to even something as simple as jeans and a hoodie. Your armament can also be as varied as your kit, with a full array of real-world replicas from pistols to sniper rifles to choose from, the sky is the limit.

Whilst events usually consist of two opposing teams, being competitive is always second to having fun, and anyone can enjoy the sport regardless of age, gender or physical fitness. And with sites catering to all kinds of gameplay you are free to choose whether you want to lead the charge through a building or stalk a sniper through the woods.

Membership Fee Information

These are the current membership fees offered by Airsoft, although many clubs and societies offer a free period for new members to try out their activities.

NameCostValid PeriodDetailsJoin
Anual Membership for Paintball and Airsoft Clubs£2001/08/2018 - 31/07/2019Is active for a calendar year so latecomers can enjoy the benefits for 365 days rather until the end of term. The benefits of our Membership include: access to equipment hire from the club armoury, membership discounts, access to exclusive 'Members Only' trips and events, the option to take part in inter-university competitions; and allows you to vote in the AGM. We are also twinned with the Paintball club (thus allowing you access to all of their trips)! NOTE: Although being listed as being valid until the end of the academic year, membership actually lasts for 365 days from purchasing. Purchasing this membership will, in our own records, also register you as a member of the Paintball Club.Buy Now

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The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Airsoft this year are:

  • Mark Towers
  • Henry Taylor
  • Henry Stead