Democracy Zone (23rd October 2015)


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Name of Committee Democracy Zone
Date and time 23rd October 2015, 14:00
Place Meeting Room 2
Chair of Council Jade Head
Clubs and Societies Officer Catriona Philip
Union President Ben Franklin
Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries Kerry Sclater
Vice President Sports Jamie Wilson
Union Council Representative (Humanities Faculty Officer) Frazer Delves
Union Council Representative (Physical Sciences & Engineering Faculty Officer) Giles Howard
In Attendance
(non-voting officers and staff)
Democracy Co-ordinator Guy Drury
Chief Executive Scott Mccarthy
Democracy Assistant Ed Baird
Policy & Volunteer Manager Christopher Small
Director of Engagement Nickola Moore
1. Apologies and attendance
2. Minutes from the last meeting
Student Groups
3. Student Groups update
Catriona Philip
P 4. Spring elections dates
Kerry Sclater
PF 5. Democracy Review
Kerry Sclater
P 6. Quoracy and placement students
Giles Howard

The attached Policy was passed at Union Council on Monday 19th October, and now comes here for further consideration as to it's implementation.

7. Referendum update
Kerry Sclater
P 8. Proposing rule amendments at Union Council
Frazer Delves
Any other business
P 9. Enhancing Volunteering Project
Kerry Sclater
10. Date of the next meeting

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)