Running your own Charity Event? Here's all the info you need.

All groups and students affiliated to or associated with the Students' Union wishing to raise money for charity must run the event through RAG.

The Students' Union is a charity; charities cannot donate money to other charities, so the Students' Union developed a RAG department which is allowed by the Union's constitution to raise and donate money to charities. Therefore, any money raised for any charity by an individual, club or society associated with the Students' Union MUST be sent through RAG accounts, and any fundraising activity must be approved by RAG first - this enables us to keep track of events.

This applies to money raised for any charity, not just the three RAG nominated charities and includes events on and off campus.

BUT - there are more brilliant reasons why we think you should run a fundraising event with RAG!

It's easy!

Recognition for your efforts!

How it works