All Student Vote on the University Restructure

The University is entering a period of restructure led by the Vice-Chancellor. As part of this, a 7% reduction in staff costs has been announced, with 50 to 75 academic staff posts at risk from across six departments. The University have claimed this restructure will not negatively impact student experience. A shortened version of the report given to Union Senate can be found here if you want to find out more.

There has recently been scrutiny of the Vice-Chancellor’s salary, which totalled £423,000 plus benefits in 2016/17.

A successful student petition entitled ‘Cut Vice-Chancellor Pay Not Staff Jobs’ now mandates the Students’ Union to bring the following to a vote:

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Student Votes are an opportunity to get feedback from the whole student body, or a specific selection of students, on a variety of topics. There are two types of Student Vote.

All Students Vote - The entire membership of the Union is eligible to vote. This is likely to be an issue where the outcome would affect all students, or every students' opinion is required.

Student Vote - This is where a defined groups of students are asked a specific question that relates directly to them. For example, 1st Year students may be asked a question, or students studying in the Faculty of Humanities.

Student Votes can be called by a Zone, Senate or petition of 250 students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to vote? Will it be available online?

Voting will be available online at www.susu.org/vote. There will be physical voting booths at a variety of locations as well.

Does the number of votes matter?

An All Student Vote question can only be decided when at least 10% of the Full Members of the Union have voted.

For a Student Vote, at least 10% of the specific selection of Full Members are required to have voted.

What is a Full Member?

Every undergraduate and postgraduate student at University and the Full-Time Officers of the Union.