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Our academic representatives

Academic Representatives are there for you. They are there to listen and to relay any concerns and issues to staff and represent you to the University. Reps often get involved in wider projects with both the Union and the University, including helping promote surveys like the NSS. Organised, trained and supported by the Students' Union, in partnership with the University, academic reps are the voice of every Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught student.

What do your Academic Reps do?

Course Representatives

Course Reps are the direct representatives of students on their courses and are there to take students ideas and concerns to their Staff Student Liaison Committee. For the most part there will be representatives on every year of a course who report up to the Academic President. Course Reps are responsible for feeding back to the student body and acting as that liaison between students and staff. They are elected in the Autumn Elections.

Academic Presidents

Academic Presidents manage representation within their academic unit and organise and lead the Course Reps. They co-chair the Staff Student Liaison Committee within their AU and report up to the Faculty Officer. Within Social Sciences there are five Academic Vice Presidents who represent the large courses within that academic unit and the Winchester School of Art has an Academic Officer with overall responsibility across the campus. They are elected in the Summer Elections.

Faculty Officers

Faculty Officers are the senior reps in their faculty and take overall responsibility for academic representation and report to the Union's Vice President Education. They lead and manage their academic presidents and are responsible for ensuring consistent and strong representation. They meet regularly with the Associate Dean (Education) for their Faculty and sit on Faculty level meetings, as well as sitting voting members of the Union's Education Zone. They are elected in the Spring Elections.

Great! How do I find out who they are?

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