We are run by students for students. That’s why we hold democratic elections for you to choose the students who lead the Union, on a full-time or part-time basis. We hold elections in Autumn, Spring and Summer with different roles available in each election period.

Want to build the community at your Halls? Maybe you want to host amazing events to bring everyone at your Halls together, or be a point of contact for issues and ideas from your flat mates and neighbours? Nominate yourself to be on your Halls Committee!

The two roles you can put yourself forward for are President and Vice-President. The President will focus on being the liaison between student life at Halls and the Students’ Union, passing on all the vital feedback to make sure we are improving life at Halls as much as possible! The Vice-President will take a lead on fantastic events and activities we can run at Halls.

As well as our Halls Elections, we are also running by-elections for a select number of roles at the Union. If you want to make a difference on your course, at your faculty, or to represent a wider community of students, put your name forward!

  • Mon 05 November at 09:00
    Nominations Open
  • Tue 20 November at 13:00
    Nominations Close
  • Wed 21 November at 09:00
    Voting Opens
  • Fri 23 November at 16:00
    Voting Closes

As a candidate in any of our elections, it is important to know that there are a few guidelines that you will need to stick to through the nominations and voting period. Please take some time to read the Candidate Guidance and Elections By-Law before you begin any campaigning

Each year, we run the Spring Elections where we elect the seven Sabbatical Officers who will represent all students at the University of Southampton (paid roles starting in July for a year). Working closely with the University, the Sabbatical Officers ensure that your experience is the best it can be, academically and socially, and promote and support your successes.

In addition to our seven Sabbatical Officers, we also elect in the Spring Elections many part-time roles who play an important role in the way we’re run. Our Student Leaders (including Faculty Officers) and Trustees are responsible for representing a range of different areas, including our many sports clubs and societies and our international and postgraduate communities – plus much more.

In the Summer term we elect the academic reps for continuining students for the following year. We also elect any unfilled student leader positions at the same time