Creative Industries Zone (21st November 2014)


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Name of Committee Creative Industries Zone
Date and time 21st November 2014, 11:00
Place The Boardroom
Present Members
Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries Megan Downing
Union Films Cinema Manager Sophie Isherwood
Wessex Scene Editor Tahlie Cooper
Surge Radio Station Manager Hannah Mylrea Hemmings
SUSUtv Station Manager Joanna Sheldon
Student Groups Representative Jamie Hanna
The Edge Editor Rebecca James
PA Officer Anna Kent - Muller
Union Councillor Catriona Philip
Absent with Apologies Union President David Mendoza-Wolfson

Actions and Decisions

Action Investigate Mac from SUSUtv Megan Downing
Action Send permission to Charlotte Cloud - JAMIE HANNA Jamie Hanna
Action Send availability to Charlotte Cloud - JAMIE HANNA and CATRIONA PHILIP Jamie Hanna, Catriona Philip
Action Creat Doodle Poll to determine a second date for funding meeting - MEGAN DOWNING Megan Downing
Action Check Jamie Hanna's permissions on website - MEGAN DOWNING Megan Downing
Action Schedule the image Megan Downing, Sophie Isherwood
Action Create an invite for SPA conference Charlotte Cloud
Action Check age of those allowed to attend the sessions Charlotte Cloud
Decision Move the date to semester 2. The date of the release to be decided next meeting when elections are set in place.
Action MEGAN - Investigate Your Skills sessions... Not in date order. Megan Downing
1. Apologies and attendance

As listed above.


2. Approval of previous minutes




3. Officer updates

PAO: There was another issue with Nuffield show; there is a sold out comedian did on the night of the get in. We are being given a discount and professional technicians on Monday to help with the in. It is sorted now so hopefully there will be no more problems. Anna met with David Gilani to discuss the PA conference. He has sent her all the documents he gathered last year.

UNION FILMS CINEMA MANAGER: Hunger Games has been the big thing recently, with 1000 tickets sold. The midnight premier of Mockingjay when well. They are currently organising the spring event, with a Toy Story trilogy and they are looking at running a Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit marathon.

SURGE RADIO STATION MANAGER: They had the EGM, and filled all positions including Systems, so they have a full committee now. They have a meeting next week to sort out the Education Enhancement fund and what it's being used for. Disciplinary action was taken against a member for drinking in the studio, but was resolved amicably.

SUSUtv STATION MANAGER: They have appointed a new head of tech, but Leo has stepped down as head of events. They are holding an EGM next week for this. Freshers TV happened, there was a bit of drama, but they have done lots of live shows since. There has been an issue as they have new PCs but with to keep the Mac. It was removed from the studio, but graphics need it to back up the SD cards: they don't want to support it any more. ACTION - Megan to investigate this. They are currently planning for elections, with the first meeting coming up. They are also planning the 24 hour show, with the date for this either at the end of January or the start of February. They are going to use a studio set, although they are exploring other opportunities for next year. 

THE EDGE EDITOR: There is the new website launch 24/11. The 4th issue is with Megan at the moment, and it will be sent off Monday. Section editors each have section projects to create consistency within the magazine. They have combined interview training with Surge next week.

WESSEX SCENE EDITOR: They are currently planning the LGBT issue - they are collaborating with the LGBT society and have the first planning meeting, with the goal for it to be completed over Christmas to avoid a clash with other issues. She is mentoring Sam about special issues. They are looking at doing a historical edition, with articles from the archives. They are also looking at doing a different language issue. they are holding an EGM. Rosie Howell is the new international editor. They decided to elect a features executive, which was decided today. This is to solve stylistic issues, as currently she is sub editing every article. The 4th issue looks so cool, there is a writers' meeting at the end of the week and the SPE conference is coming up.

STUDENT GROUPS REP: After the affiliation meeting there are two new societies in the CI Zone: Quiz Soc and Guitar Soc. He is struggling for contacts for CI exhibition but it is underway now. He is encouraging societies to send funding applications to him first to help or improve them, and is running drop in sessions.

Action Investigate Mac from SUSUtv (Megan Downing)
4. Student Groups funding round two

Dates for funding meetings are 5/12/14 11am-1pm. Decide on date for second funding meeting. 

Jamie Hanna can no longer see previous years' funding allocations.

Action Send permission to Charlotte Cloud - JAMIE HANNA (Jamie Hanna)
Action Send availability to Charlotte Cloud - JAMIE HANNA and CATRIONA PHILIP (Jamie Hanna, Catriona Philip)
Action Creat Doodle Poll to determine a second date for funding meeting - MEGAN DOWNING (Megan Downing)
Action Check Jamie Hanna's permissions on website - MEGAN DOWNING (Megan Downing)
5. Innovations Fund

Applications are currently open, and are for when a society has a good idea, but does not have the funds to achieve it. This closes 25/11/14: Megan is happy to proof read applications.

6. Creative Industries Careers Season

Megan has attached the working timetable as a link in the agenda and is in the process of making a smart one. All sessions for the careers season are up on Your Skills and the flyers are printed off.

Work together on a marketing plan to increase awareness of sessions: Megan will write a blog, and the Comms and Marketing team are pushing it through SUSU channels. They will email music regarding it - Rich Fisher has done so. They need to be informed about Tom Nelson attending (5pm 10/12/14). They will also reach out to University departments such as English and other humanities. It will be worth emailing Solent too, and reach out to colleges: Alanna is doing this. It isn't possible to create a single Your Skills link, but the sessions are identified with (CI). Anna Kent-Muller has been liaising with the Nuffield on running workshops - she has three on working in theatre in different ways, and two from music. During the week, the Nuffield is looking at offering a show for £5 for people with the programme, but this needs to be confirmed. Megan wants to have a programme but it needs 10-14 days to be produced: she is investigating pricing on next day delivery. The schedule will be released as a PDF as people can access this on tablets or phones and then as a timetable on card to be handed out at the launch. It was suggested that there isn't necessarily the need for the session briefs, and an interactive PDF with links to each session with th PDF embedded into the website would be a better option. Megan suggested colour coding the PDF so each area could be found at a glance. However, it was suggested the schedule might look empty. Soph Isherwood offered advertising during the Hunger Games screenings.


Megan needs confirmed numbers for the SPA South East Regional conference so she can work out if she needs a minibus. Anna Kent-Muller will come to check out as the PA representative. Networking event: Everyone who couldn't do a session as part of the week will also be attending, so publicise this event widely. 


This will be a good way to plug your societies- it will be held in Bar 3 on 5/12/14. The Marketing for this will be going up after the Inspiring Women event, using the same places as it has. AKM can use the 3 PA boards in the music department to advertise it, and people can distribute the posters and flyers. There can be an AO poster for the Annex. All to push on Social Media: there are 91 attending the FB event and the description on this will be kept updated. The working group for this event will reconvene next week.

Decide date to promote the careers season at sites and on campus: Megan has been called to the Appeals Committee so can longer make it. Charlotte or Megan are going to decide whether they need to arrange the date or if Tahlie could go instead of Megan- the sites would be SGH and NOC.

Questions: Jo has lots of bloggers interested, but wanted to know if there was an age limit on those attending the session.


People are getting back to Tahlie regarding a suitable date, and she will send that to Megan.

Action Schedule the image (Megan Downing, Sophie Isherwood)
Action Create an invite for SPA conference (Charlotte Cloud)
Action Check age of those allowed to attend the sessions (Charlotte Cloud)
7. Student Leader Review

Any final thought on the student leader review: The consensus on each question was found, and now Megan has almost finished the final draft which she will be sending out soon (24/11/14 3pm it will go to project group for editing). It will then be sent out after that meeting in time for the Democracy Zone meeting next Thursday. Issues that came up included the makeup of CI Zone due to imbalance of representation, and they are looking to propose three student group models for representation to make rep roles a bit more robust at zone level. The paper will be available online and will be discussed at the Democracy Zone meeting, do come along to discuss your points.

8. SUSU Tech hire charges

AKM (PAO)- There have been a few complaints about SUS tech hire works. Last year a standardisation of the charges was proposed but it's not been put in place: for example ComedySoc had to pay £120 for extra hire charges and can't afford to use Glen Bar. We can't offer to groups for free but local venues can and are doing so (Talking Heads). This shows that they are investing in student groups, but SUSU aren't. Members are also more likely to go and watch a live free event. LiveSoc made £781.75 from Monte Bar doing a gig there, and that was takings alone on the bar for one night. Why is there such a large profit on each event?


Maybe they could come to an agreement regarding when payment is made. 



9. Creative Industries Showcase date change

Megan to propose pushing the showcase back to March: Will it clash with Surge Awards or elections? not with Surge. Elections are provisionally on 20/03/15. The plan is to have a firm date in the next CI Zone committee meeting: there needs a decision on moving it on or not in this meeting. There needs to be enough time for students to put something meaningful towards it. It was suggested that it could coincide with the release of the LGBT issue in mid-February.

Decision Move the date to semester 2. The date of the release to be decided next meeting when elections are set in place.
10. Any other business

DVDs: AKM asked what is being done regarding the PA DVDs? Charlotte Cloud has contacted the person in question via email, and is trying to arrange a telephone meeting but this has not happened yet. If she is not able to speak to him over the phone in the next 2 months, she will start thinking about getting legal advice, and start speculatively ringing him in January. When she has something concrete she will update. The ideal situation is that he will return both the footage and the money, and the footage can then be distrubuted.

LGBT Project: This is a special issue of the Wessex Scene, and is coming out mid-February (LGBT month) with a launch party. Anyone who wishes to get involved, please feel free. The marketing is much bigger than for Black History month, with the film screenings and similar - for example tying in the film 'Pride' with hopefully a question and answer panel from people involved with the film afterwards.

Your Skills: Half the advertised Your Skills sessions have already taken place, and are not in date order. MEGAN TO INVESTIGATE - ACTION

Media coverage of careers season: Several of the sessions should be filmed, particularly panel events such as the Women in Industry one. There will also be radio interviews with several of the panellists.

Socials: After the ASP Conference, they are going out for drinks and a meal. The Christmas dinner is being organised, the band can do it and Jenna Cox has been informed. Charlotte Cloud proposed a CI Zone social in March to see Circus of Horrors at the Kings Theatre in Portsmouth. There is a committee budget, and transport tickets could be subsidised from this.

Action MEGAN - Investigate Your Skills sessions... Not in date order. (Megan Downing)

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)