Creative Industries Zone (3rd November 2016)


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Name of Committee Creative Industries Zone
Date and time 3rd November 2016, 14:30
Place Building 42, Floor 1, Meeting Room 2
The Edge Editor Anneka Honeyball
Wessex Scene Editor Alice Hearing
SUSUtv Station Manager Alex Smith
Surge Radio Station Manager Toby Leveson
Union Films Cinema Manager Evie Reilly
Union President Alex Hovden
Vice President Education Elliot Grater
Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries Cameron Meldrum
Voluntary Officer Rebecca James
Creative Industries Zone Student Group Rep Christopher Wright
Performing Arts Student Groups Rep George Smith
Open Place Member Polly Marquis
Open Place Member Chrysta Coker-Strickland
In Attendance
(non-voting officers and staff)
Student Activites Coordinator Jamie Ford
Student Activities Manager Nic Eldred
Invited General Student attendees
Ashleigh Millman
1. Apologies & Introductions
2. Approval of previous meeting minutes
P 3. Zone Bylaws: updates and ratification
4. Zone Committee open places and Senate Rep
Officer Updates
6. Performing Arts - George Smith
7. Creative Industries Societies - Chris Wright
8. Creative Services - Toby Leveson
Creative Industries Zone goal-setting and year plan
9. VP DCI Year Plan
Student Engagement
10. Careers Sessions Initiative & Events
11. Freshers' and Induction Feedback
12. CI Summer Showcase
Resource Allocation
13. Funding - Dates for next round
14. PA Funding Guidelines
Any Other Business (AOB)
15. Emergency funding applications: SUSO insurance, Piano Soc
16. Vote on CI Senate Rep

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)