Cameron Meldrum

Cameron Meldrum

Hello! I’m Cameron and I’m this year’s Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries. I originally hail from Camberley in Surrey, and have recently graduated with a BSc in Politics and International Relations after studying at the University for three years.

I was elected in early May, and my role encompasses leading the Union’s decision making procedures to ensure we’re as democratic and open as we should be. I also lead the Union’s Creative Industries groups including our media departments, and all our performing arts societies, to ensure they get all the support they need.

This year a big project I’ll be working on will be the introduction of a new democratic structure, allowing more students to have a voice on the issues they care about. I’ll also working with the University and the wider community in locating more spaces off campus for our many student groups to meet, rehearse, and perform.

About the Role

This role allows you to be lead officer for the Democracy Zone, leading Union Elections and ensuring their running and development. As lead officer for the Creative Industries Zone, you will support and develop the four Media Departments, Performing Arts, Union Films and all relevant student groups for Creative Industries.


  • Act as the lead Officer for Democracy and Creative Industry Zones
  • Lead the Union's democratic processes (e.g. Union Council, Elections, and the Constitution)
  • Lead and support the Union's Creative Industry groups (SUSU Media, Performing Arts, Union Films)
  • Oversee and co-ordinate how our student groups are affiliated to SUSU, and what SUSU does to support and develop them in return

Plans and Progress

Champion the new democratic structure
Implement and successfully launch the New Democratic Structure
Complete a Zone & Full-time Officer review
Improve the visibility of Full-time officers and Student Leaders
Finesse the autumn, spring, and summer elections periods
Undertake and complete a Student Group review
Creative Industries on campus and beyond
Undertake a PA and Sport Audit
Improve and broaden the Creative Industies employability offering
Work with the University to push the Arts Ambassador scheme to CI groups
Launch media committee, and create a new media web app to make media accessible on-the-go
Showcase our CI offering during the British Art Show
Involving Winchester and Sites from the get-go
Improve the presence of student media at Winchester
Showcase WSA pieces around other Union sites
Push elections and raise turnout from students primarily based at other sites
Encourage more student groups based at Winchester


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  • Creative Industries Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Performing Arts, Student led media, Student led film production and cinema, Visual Arts, Written Arts find out more

  • Democracy Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting The Constitution, Union Elections, Student Group principles and affiliations, Decision making processes find out more

  • Education Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Faculty representation systems, Lobbying on University wide educational policy issues, Lobbying on national educational policy issues find out more

  • Media Committee

    find out more

  • Student Groups Committee

    Oversees the functioning of Student Groups within Zone Committees, oversee the funding system for Student Groups, approve affiliations and recognitions of Student Groups, carry out other functions delegated to it by the Rules. find out more

  • Trustee Board

    Responsible for the overall strategy and running of the union, including financial, commercial, communication and staffing matters. find out more

  • Union Senate

    Union Senate is the political oversight body for the Union. It monitors the work of the Zone Committees, Union Officers and Trustee Board, monitors major expenditure by the Union and takes decisions on major Union issues. find out more