Elliot Grater

Elliot Grater

Hi all! I’m Elliot, the VP Education for Union Southampton. I studied here for three years and graduated this year with a BA Archaeology.

I was elected to this position in May, and now am responsible for managing the Education Zone, the Academic Representative system, as well as leading any campaigns or projects concerning student academic experience.

This year I aim to continue our work on improving submission and feedback and push for more and more to be made online. I also aim to engage and support the Education Zone societies, of which there is one for every course, as well as review our academic representation system so it reaches and helps as many students as possible.

You can get in touch with me, or one of the many student academic reps, for help and guidance with your course, or you could join our ranks in the upcoming election and help continue improving all our degrees!

About the Role

Passionate about good education? The Vice President Education represents students and campaigns on matters relating directly to students' education like teaching quality, library provision and feedback. They are responsible for implementing many of the Union's education policies and work closely with Academic Presidents, Faculty Officers and Course Reps to improve students' education experience.


  • Lead and support the academic representation structure (Faculty Officers, Academic Presidents, and Course Reps)
  • Defend students' academic and educational issues and rights, (at a University and National level) acting as the lead student representative.
  • Amplify the student voice through the student representative system, with oversight of over 600 volunteer reps.
  • Promote academic awareness to students.

Plans and Progress

Academic Rep Review
Creation of faculty specific academic rep promotional material.
Increase the promotion of the successes of Academic Reps
Update the online academic rep profiles, and increase online training resources
Conduct large scale consultation about the perception and effectiveness of academic representation
Review Academic Rep Election Process
Furthering the Student Voice at a University Level
Campaign for a fairer and better functioning system of module choices
Undertake consultation of the student body to better understand demand and opinion
Further lobby the university on the implementation of recorded lectures
Support and represent student interests on tuition fees
Agree a timeline with university for the universal implementation of online submission
Increasing Union Support for Education Student Groups
Create Faculty Level groups between reps and student groups
Helping relevant student groups work together on larger projects
Support student groups in engaging alumni
Provide support in increasing awareness of student groups events and projects
Participate and contribute to the Student Group Review


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    9 March 2017

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    15 December 2016

  • Education Zone First Meeting – Monday 14th!!!

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    9 November 2016

  • Academic Rep Elections!

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    12 October 2016

  • Tuition Fees: What You Need to Know

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    28 July 2016

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  • Creative Industries Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Performing Arts, Student led media, Student led film production and cinema, Visual Arts, Written Arts find out more

  • Education Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Faculty representation systems, Lobbying on University wide educational policy issues, Lobbying on national educational policy issues find out more

  • Student Life Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Peer to Peer groups, including Nightline, Housing campaigns, Student Financial Support, Student health find out more

  • Trustee Board

    Responsible for the overall strategy and running of the union, including financial, commercial, communication and staffing matters. find out more

  • Union Senate

    Union Senate is the political oversight body for the Union. It monitors the work of the Zone Committees, Union Officers and Trustee Board, monitors major expenditure by the Union and takes decisions on major Union issues. find out more