Flora Noble

Flora Noble

Hi everyone! My name’s Flora, and I’m the Vice-President Student Communities for the next year!

I’m from a tiny village in the south of Oxfordshire, and studied BA Archaeology from 2013 – 2016. In my time at uni I’ve been involved in Halls Committees, Southampton University Riding Club and Surge Radio.

I represent students in Halls, campuses outside of Highfield (National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton General Hospital, Avenue Campus, Boldrewood, Winchester School of Art and our Malaysia Campus), Postgraduates, International students, Mature Students and Student Parents, Diversity and… well I think that’s it! It’s a role that aims to represent the underrepresented, making sure that the Union can help every student at the university!

My aims for the year are to review how we communicate with students from underrepresented groups, improving representation for underrepresented groups, and increasing support for those who need it in my zone.

About the Role

The VP Student Communities is a diverse and challenging role, working with and supporting activities at our satellite campuses, including: Winchester School of Art; National Oceanography Centre and Southampton General Hospital. You will be responsible for supporting our different student communities: Postgraduate; International and Mature students, as well as leading and supporting our JCR Committees in Halls and Private Rented accommodation.


  • Work with and support activities at our sites and satellite campuses (Winchester School of Art, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton General Hospital, and others)
  • Represent, support and amplify the voices of students from hard to reach groups, including: international students; postgraduate students; mature students and student parents
  • Lead and support our JCR Committees in Halls and Private Rented accomodation
  • Represent, support and amplify the voices of students with protected characteristics, as illustrated through equal rights legislation
  • Create community and social cohesion between these groups of students

Plans and Progress

Create and improve representation
Health sciences consulation to establish how they feel they should be represented
Renovation of the NOC Common Spaces
Monitor and evaluate the work of WSA Committee
Work with International Student Groups to improve representation for international students overall.
Work with MSSPN to establish what they want from the Students' Union
Increase communication and engagement
Utilise previous research from other UoS campuses to create a communications plan for NOC, SGH, Avenue, Boldrewood and USMC
Lobby the University to create an International Experience Board that aims to improve the experience of international students.
Assess the ways in which we communicate with International student
Strengthen support to our communities
Work with the University, PGR and PGT Officers and VP Welfare
Build on last year's work on PG mental health
Monitor and evaluate the work of Halls Committees
Work on empowering the Student Leaders in Student Communities Zone


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