Flora Noble

Flora Noble

About the Role

Do you have what it takes to be Union President? This demanding position allows you to really impact the shape and direction of the Students' Union. As President you are the leader of the Sabbatical Officers and your role is to bring out the best in your team, so that together you are able to make maximum impact on improving the lives of students. You also provide the important link between the officers and staff of the Union.


  • Provide overall responsibility for the Union, leading on the interests of the Union as a whole.
  • Act as the figurehead of the Union, being the public spokesperson and managing relations locally.
  • Provide leadership to the Sabbatical Team.
  • Chair the Trustee Board.
  • Be responsible for the finances of the Union (includes, staffing and events).

Sabbatical Plan

Leading the Union
Front the Union’s NSS improvement
Push the University to improve teaching quality
New ideas
Give it a Go – a programme for students to try things that the Union has to offer
Create an Alumni Database of alumni who would be willing to come back to work with students
Building on the Union's work
Formalise recognition for Union volunteers
Ensure key knowledge is retained by the Union in ref to staff, sabbs and student groups


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    6 June 2017

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    5 May 2017

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    17 February 2017

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    16 November 2016

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    8 November 2016

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  • Creative Industries Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Performing Arts, Student led media, Student led film production and cinema, Visual Arts, Written Arts find out more

  • Democracy Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting The Constitution, Union Elections, Student Group principles and affiliations, Decision making processes find out more

  • Education Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Faculty representation systems, Lobbying on University wide educational policy issues, Lobbying on national educational policy issues find out more

  • External Engagement Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Student led fundraising, Student Enterprise activity, Social Enterprise activity, Community Action and volunteering, External Community engagement find out more

  • Operations and Services Advisory Forum

    find out more

  • Sports Development Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Elite and competitive sport and Participation in sport find out more

  • Student Communities Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting International students, Post Graduate students, Students at sites and Diversity campaigns and culture find out more

  • Student Life Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Peer to Peer groups, including Nightline, Housing campaigns, Student Financial Support, Student health find out more

  • Sustainability Zone

    The purpose of the Sustainability Zone is to ensure a balance of social, environmental and economic development within SUSU and for our members. find out more

  • Trustee Board

    Responsible for the overall strategy and running of the union, including financial, commercial, communication and staffing matters. find out more

  • Union Senate

    Union Senate is the political oversight body for the Union. It monitors the work of the Zone Committees, Union Officers and Trustee Board, monitors major expenditure by the Union and takes decisions on major Union issues. find out more