Samuel Dedman

Samuel Dedman

About the Role

Passionate about good education? The Vice President Education represents students and campaigns on matters relating directly to students' education like teaching quality, library provision and feedback. They are responsible for implementing many of the Union's education policies and work closely with Academic Presidents, Faculty Officers and Course Reps to improve students' education experience.


  • Lead and support the academic representation structure (Faculty Officers, Academic Presidents, and Course Reps)
  • Defend students' academic and educational issues and rights, (at a University and National level) acting as the lead student representative.
  • Amplify the student voice through the student representative system, with oversight of over 600 volunteer reps.
  • Promote academic awareness to students.

Sabbatical Plan

Leading the Union
Improve NSS scores
Secure TEF Silver rating
Raise profile of Union representation
New ideas
Revised printing offer & Increased online submission
Improved access to study & library spaces
Better recognition and use of student feedback
Building on the Union's work
Continuing the Rep Review
Develop Academic Rep systems
Recognising the work and successes of Reps
Developing the role
Secure the VP Education presence at the University


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  • Creative Industries Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Performing Arts, Student led media, Student led film production and cinema, Visual Arts, Written Arts find out more

  • Democracy Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting The Constitution, Union Elections, Student Group principles and affiliations, Decision making processes find out more

  • Education Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Faculty representation systems, Lobbying on University wide educational policy issues, Lobbying on national educational policy issues find out more

  • Union Senate

    Union Senate is the political oversight body for the Union. It monitors the work of the Zone Committees, Union Officers and Trustee Board, monitors major expenditure by the Union and takes decisions on major Union issues. find out more