Samantha Higman

Samantha Higman

About the Role

The VP Welfare works with the University to ensure action on issues which may jeopardise students' wellbeing, such as housing, mental health and financial issues. You will campaign to protect and enhance student rights and positively promote changes to lifestyle that can improve student well-being. You will also lead on campaigns that promote equality for all our members.


  • Lead on action to do with Welfare issues and promoting student well-being
  • Support political and social awareness and campaign for societies, and faith groups and help to run political, environmental and ethical campaigns
  • Support student-run self help groups (e.g. Nightline, and peer-to-peer groups)

Sabbatical Plan

Leading the Union
Gender neutral toilets
Making more sustainable choices (e.g. straws)
Physical Disability Campaign
New Ideas
Domestic Abuse and Healthy Relationships Campaign
Pop – Up food stalls at sites
Wellbeing training in Sports (with VP Sports)
Building on the Union’s Work
Sexual Consent Awareness campaign – Expect Respect
Burst the Bubble
Developing the Role
Regular meetings with Student Leaders as a group
Empowering my Student Leaders


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  • External Engagement Zone

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  • Student Life Zone

    Responsible for developing and supporting Peer to Peer groups, including Nightline, Housing campaigns, Student Financial Support, Student health find out more

  • Sustainability Zone

    The purpose of the Sustainability Zone is to ensure a balance of social, environmental and economic development within SUSU and for our members. find out more

  • Union Senate

    Union Senate is the political oversight body for the Union. It monitors the work of the Zone Committees, Union Officers and Trustee Board, monitors major expenditure by the Union and takes decisions on major Union issues. find out more