Isabella Camilleri

Isabella Camilleri


  • Lead on action to do with Welfare issues and promoting student well-being
  • Support political and social awareness and campaign for societies, and faith groups and help to run political, environmental and ethical campaigns
  • Support student-run self help groups (e.g. Nightline, and peer-to-peer groups)

Year Plan

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Supported Roles

The Vice President Welfare oversees, and is supported by, the following roles:

Lucy Stephenson

Ethics and Environment Officer

Chira Tochia

Housing Officer

Charlotte Samways

Nightline Officer

David Stanley

Student Life Zone Student Group Representative

Emily Whelan

Wellbeing Officer


The Vice President Welfare attends the following Union committees:

Sports Development Zone

Responsible for developing and supporting Elite and competitive sport and Participation in sport find out more

Student Life Zone

Responsible for developing and supporting Peer to Peer groups, including Nightline, Housing campaigns, Student Financial Support, Student health find out more

Sustainability Zone

The purpose of the Sustainability Zone is to ensure a balance of social, environmental and economic development within SUSU and for our members. find out more