Hi, I'm Stephen Gore and I'm your Vice President Sports responsible for this zone.

The purpose of all the Sports Development Zone is to enable our members to enjoy sport at all levels and to unlock the potential of every one of our athletes.

What does the zone do?

  • Athletic Union
    Finds able athletes and enable them to develop through the sports pyramid system.
  • Competitive Sport
    Creates the best sporting environment to nurture talent of sportspeople and clubs for national and international competition.
  • Elite Sport
    Engenders a culture of sporting excellence and play to ‘win’.
  • Intra-mural
    Create an Intra-mural Committee who will influence the direction the University takes for intra-mural sports.
  • Participation
    Creates an opportunity for every student to become involved with sport.

What do you want to change?

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Officers in the Sports Development Zone

  • Isabella Camilleri
    Vice President Welfare
  • Emily Dawes
    Union President
  • Stephen Gore
    Vice President Sports