There are 8000 postgraduate students at the University of Southampton (approximately 3600 PGRs and 4400 PGTs) representing more than 30% of the student population. Postgraduates are an integral part of the life of the university and are valued as members of the Students' Union. We have collected together the societies, events and networking opportunities that exist for PGs at Southampton, both inside and outside of the Students' Union. This is not necessarily exhaustive and we would encourage you to contact your faculty or academic reps if you would like to know what's happening in your area.


Postgraduate research and taught students are represented by their own elected officers on the Students' Union council. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or ideas related to PG student experience at Southampton to ensure we represent you as effectively as possible.

Hi. I'm a second year PGR in ECS working on security and safety analysis of national infrastructure and in total I've been at the University of Southampton for over 5 years. I'm delighted to be your PGR student officer this year and would love to hear from you anytime!

Giles Howard

Postgraduate (Research) Students Officer

A big hello from your Taught Officer! I am doing a masters in Unmanned Systems (Drones!) and this is my first year in Southampton. So really excited for this year and looking forward to hearing from you!!

Inga Franzen

Postgraduate (Taught) Students Officer

Subject Specific Groups and Societies

Biological Sciences Postgraduate Society (BSPS)

Life as a postgraduate research student has its ups and downs, but you don't have to go through them on your own. BSPS welcomes all new or current postgraduate research students to our community, where we will be providing social and career events to make your time here as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible

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BSPS also organise the Postgraduate pub quiz held every month in either the Stags Pub or Bridge Bar on Highfield Campus. PGs from all faculties welcome! Join the Facebook group or see our events page for details.

Optics and Photonics Society

The University of Southampton Optics and Photonics Society consists of a group of postgraduate research students in the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. The society encourages social activities that enhances members' working relationships and provides a break from the hard work of scientific research.

There is an educational aspect to our ventures, with regular trips to scientific sites and seminars in house. Our outreach programme, Lightwave, is a road show taken to schools and extracurricular clubs in the Southampton area and around the south coast, presenting scientific phenomena to children aged 5-11.

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Life Sciences Postgraduate Society

Although we are called the Life Sciences Postgraduate Society which covers the faculties of medicine, psychology and health sciences, we welcome ALL postgraduate students! All you have to do is e-mail us at

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The Humanities Graduate School Student Network (GradNet) is an inclusive, student-led community for any postgraduate in the Faculty of Humanities, which strives to create an atmosphere for students to connect, both informally as individuals and as developing professionals.

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Bright Club

The Bright Club format - combining research and comedy to educate and entertain - was originated at University College London. From UCL the idea has spread around the country, gaining publicity and momentum. Bright Club enables researchers to take their work to a wider audience, sharing their enthusiasm for their area of expertise within the guise of stand-up comedy. A team of enthusiastic PG researchers have set up Southampton's very own Bright Club. Training is provided to anyone who's interested in performing and each gig will be compered and/or headlined by a professional comedian. Performers aren't restricted to stand-up; we welcome songs, poems, interpretive dance – anything you can think of! So whether you're interested in performing, spectating, organising or just want to hear more, please get in touch to join our mailing list and we'll keep you up to date with developments.

Contact the Bright Club Team:

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Eagles Badminton Club

The University Eagles Badminton Club Facebook is a social and competitive badminton club for staff, graduates and associates of the University of Southampton. We play with feather shuttles and play both mixed and level doubles. As a predominantly social club, we welcome players of all levels; however you will need your own racquet and to understand the rules of badminton.

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WSA Postgraduate Research

Winchester School of Art offers a forum for Postgraduate Researchers to situate their work within the context of wider critical and historical debates.

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SBS PGR Society

The Southampton Business School PGR Society is a common place for business PGR students in UoS sharing social and academic interests. Our objectives are to promote the study and research of business within the university and the wider community; to provide a voice for SBS PGR students within the School and University and to engage and collaborate with all types of groups in the promotion of business research and the understanding of its positive impacts on society.

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If you would like to form or affiliate a new society with SUSU you can do so here.

Social and Networking Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities to meet with other postgraduates for socialising and discussion at the University.

Southampton Christian Post-Grads

A group that does what it says on the tin and brings Christian Post-Graduates together.

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Researcher's Cafe

Listen, sip, discuss - The Researchers' Cafe is a new way for researchers to meet each other and other staff, students and the public and discuss their research in an informal space.

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The Science Room @ The Art House

A new informal science community formed by PG researchers in Southampton allowing everyone to participate in science through talks, questions, exploration and discussion – as well as lots of artistic creation! Let's discover our inner scientists!

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SUSU Postgraduate Community

A Facebook group to meet and chat with your fellow Postgrads, suggest events and ask any questions you may have. We'll be using this page to share upcoming news and events taking place within your Students' Union!

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Some postgraduate student groups publish blogs on their research, PG student life or other topics of interest.