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The Halls Committee for students living in Connaught Halls.

Connaught is one of the smallest halls in Southampton, but easily the halls with the largest sense of community, with every student at Southampton being aware of the Connaught Ranger. Connaught has several successful sports teams that take part in the University's intramural events with Connaught Football being the largest intramural team at the university. Being a catered halls, you will very quickly meet and get to know the vast majority of other residents whether in the dining hall or even in the largest common room of all the halls.

We have one of the largest groups of Fresher’s Reps for Fresher’s 2017/18, which being one of the smallest halls, goes to show how much we enjoyed living in Connaught last year!

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This Years Committee

All student groups within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Connaught Halls this year are:

  • James Stiff
    Connaught Halls Events & Activities Officer
  • Cecilia Wollmann
    Connaught Halls Fundraising & Volunteering Officer
  • Phoebe Lo
    Connaught Halls Fundraising & Volunteering Officer
  • Eunsang Lee
    Connaught Halls President
  • Angus Gallagher
    Connaught Halls Secretary
  • Zafrul Bari
    Connaught Halls Sports Officer
  • Daniel Queiros
    Connaught Halls Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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If you've got any questions or want to find out more email the group directly.

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