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Ensure there are more plugs avaliable on the upper floors of Hartley Library. It gets so busy in there and the sockets get used up so quickly

Submitted on Thursday 13th April 2017


Hi Rhiannon,

Just to give a brief update on this, the library has released their plans for refurbishments coming over this summer, which you can find here - http://library.soton.ac.uk/home 

They have included several areas all of which will have updated power. 

Updates about the refurbishment will come through the Education Zone over the next year, and the idea is still likely to be discussed at AGM.

Monday 15th May 2017 1:18pm

Hi Rhiannon,

Thank you for getting in touch. Power plugs were also a big frustration to me on my degree, and I have been committed to working with the University to make sure that every single refurbished space craeted has power access in the Library. Refurbishments are due in the Summer, so this should increase the number of sockets.

At next weeks Union AGM (Wednesday 17th) this will be one of the issues likely discussed, and I would be very interested to hear your experiences and ideas.


Elliot Grater,

VP Education

Monday 8th May 2017 4:48pm


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    Friday 21st Apr 2017 1:59pm


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