We are reporting a mean gender pay gap of 8.7% and a median gender pay gap of 3.0% in the year to 05 April 2018.

This means average pay for our female employees was 8.7% lower than for male employees. Our mean gender pay gap for bonuses paid was -23.4% with a median of 18%, and 29.4% of female employees received a bonus compared to 28.0% of male employees.

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Difference in mean hourly rate of pay8.7%
Difference in median hourly rate of pay3.0%
Difference in mean bonus pay-23.4%
Difference in median bonus pay18.0%
Percentage of employees who received bonus pay 28.9%29.4%
Pay QuartileMaleFemale
Upper quartile21.1%78.9%
Upper middle quartile36.4%63.6%
Lower middle quartile33.3%66.7%
Lower quartile57.1%42.9%

In order to reduce the gap, the Union has identified the following areas of action:

Improve our approach to recruitment and succession:

We will review the processes for recruitment, promotion and succession to limit unconscious bias, through the development of clear structured assessment practice and measurements.

Develop transparency within pay at recruitment and promotion:

We will ensure that pay on recruitment and promotion is transparent and decisions about this are reflective of objective assessment, in line with our pay policy.

Deliver leadership and management development programme:

We will deliver a blended leadership and management learning programme in order to:

Role modelling female leadership within the organisation:

We will ensure that women are role modelled within leadership roles within SUSU, including on the Trustee Board.