We are reporting a mean gender pay gap of 7.1% and a median gender pay gap of 0.4% in the year to 05 April 2017.

This means average pay for our female employees was 7.1% lower than for male employees. Our mean gender pay gap for bonuses paid was 58.2% with a median of 21.5%, and 19.2% of female employees received a bonus compared to 12% of male employees.

Difference in mean hourly rate of pay7.1%
Difference in median hourly rate of pay0.4%
Difference in mean bonus pay58.2%
Difference in median bonus pay21.5%
Percentage of employees who received bonus pay 12%19.2%
Pay QuartileMaleFemale
Upper quartile37.2%62.8%
Upper middle quartile33.3%66.7%
Lower middle quartile23.6%76.4%
Lower quartile35.6%64.4%

In order to reduce the gap, the Union has identified the following areas of action:

Tackle the gender imbalance - As an equal opportunities employer, we firmly believe in appointing the best candidate for the role, regardless of their gender or other factors. However, we will explore how we can attract more women, as well as individuals from diverse backgrounds, to management positions, in order to create a more even gender balance throughout the organisation. We will also work on developing the progression potential of our existing female workforce.

Champion flexibility for all – Flexible working is an important part of our culture. We will actively encourage flexible working across our organisation, to enable our people achieve their full potential while balancing the demands of their role with commitments outside of work.

A PDF of the report can be downloaded here