If you're enrolled on a credit-bearing course (undergraduate and postgraduate taught students) or enrolled to study a higher degree by research (postgraduate research students), you're automatically a Full Member of the Union. This includes students on a year abroad, industrial year or placement year, and includes most suspended students as well - though you may want to check with us if you're not sure about your current status.

University of Southampton staff members who are currently enrolled on a credit bearing course are regarded as full members and do not require associate membership for the duration of their studies.

Although we are primarily here to provide our services, facilities and support to our Full Members, we also offer membership of the Union to non-students through Associate Membership. If you want to use our licensed premises regularly, or take part in the activities of our 300+ clubs and societies, you need to hold membership of the Union.

Associate membership is available to partners of current students (full members), University of Southampton staff, lifelong learning students, recovery college students and members of Solent University

Please note that as of July 2019 the Union combined Temporary & Associate Memberships and withdrew Lifetime Membership

If you previously purchased life membership and wish to join a club or society then please ensure you have registered an account with our website. Once you have done that, please contact with details of your life membership in order for them to add it to your website profile

Associate Membership

Available to: University staff, Lifelong Learning students, Alumni of University of Southampton

Members of University staff or alumni of the University of Southampton can join the Union as Associate Members for £25 a year. Lifelong Learning students can obtain the same membership for free. This enables you to use our licensed bars and outlets and gives you the ability to take part in any one of our 300+ student groups.

If you are a member of University staff who is also a student enrolled on a credit-bearing course then you do not require associate membership for the duration of your studies.

Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership is awarded annually as part of our Excellence in Volunteering Awards to a handful of students who have gone above and beyond in their commitment and service to the Union. Honorary Life Members are entitled to all the same privileges as Life Members, but also get free access to Union Films and Union events (subject to restriction where necessary).

Pleae click here to apply for Associate Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do as an associate member?

Associate members are entitled to use the Union's outlets and trading services, including the licensed bars. They may also be members of student groups, but may not hold committee or other positions, or vote in elections. They may attend and speak at meetings at the invitation of the Union, but may not participate in the running of the Union (including standing or voting in elections).

How are the prices set?

Prices for non-student membership are set by Trustee Board and are reviewed annually. The prices were last reviewed in June 2019.

How long does my membership last?

For annual memberships, the membership year runs from 1 August to 31st July each year.!

For further information about membership, please see Rule 1 - Constitutional Framework, and if you have any questions, please get in touch via