How can I get involved?

SUSU works with the University to help facilitate a Student Representation system, which plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of education on offer at the University of Southampton is maintained and continually improved.

There are 4 levels of representation: the VP Education, Faculty Officers, Academic Presidents and Course Reps. Each of these levels plays an important part in helping to improve the overall experience that you receive during your studies.

Faculty Officers

Faculty Leaders are the essential bridge between the VP Education and all of the Academic Presidents and Course Reps.

Academic Presidents

Academic Presidents facilitate the means by which your voice is heard by co-ordinating the Course Reps and passing on key information from the Academic Unit.

Course Reps

Course Reps are vital for getting the student voice heard by the University. If there’s a problem with feedback, lecture quality or tutor support, Course Reps are the people who will represent you and your opinions, and make sure the University listens.

How do I run

Elections for Course Reps will be held at the beginning of the Autumn term.

Faculty Officers and Academic Presidents are elected either at the end of the Spring term of the start of the Summer term.

Benefits of running

Bringing About Change

Course reps work closely with academic staff and their fellow students to bring about positive change in their courses by attending Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) and presenting the views of students. Over the last year, course reps have improved the format of feedback; they’ve pushed for more online resources; they’ve organised intensive review sessions to help students grasp difficult concepts; and they’ve collaborated on changes to the curriculum within their courses.

If you’re a course rep, you’ll be part of a 600-strong team of student representatives who all want to make sure every student has a great educational experience.

Help and Support

SUSU provides support to course reps throughout the year. If you’re elected, you’ll be invited to attend a Course Rep Conference later in the Autumn term. This full-day session will introduce you to the format of the SSLC, and help you develop the skills you’ll need to shine as a course rep. You’ll also have a chance to plan your goals for the year.

Throughout the year, you can ask questions and get support by emailing We’re also introducing an online reporting system to help you and your students raise and resolve issues quickly.

Personal Development

Because SUSU’s goal is to unlock the potential of every student, we want to help you develop skills that you can use long after you’re a course rep. The course rep conference on 9th November will introduce you to the role of the course rep.

In addition, SUSU is running ‘Your Skills’ training sessions throughout the year. These sessions are tailored specifically to help equip you with skills that will help you throughout your working life (and look great on your CV!) Sessions include:

  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Time Management
  • Chairing a meeting

For a full timetable, see our Your Skills page.

In addition to training, we’ll also be running reflective skills sessions. These sessions will encourage you identify your strengths, and work on how to develop them.

Your work as a course rep will to claim up to 30 points for your Graduate Passport. The Graduate Passport is an achievement record for students who undertake an active programme of personal development. For more information, check out the Careers Destination Site.

Celebrating Achievement

Every Course Rep receives a certificate to thank you for your work over the year. SUSU also hosts the Course Rep Awards to recognise course rewards who have excelled in their roles.

As well as celebrating your achievements, you’ll be invited to help celebrate the achievements of staff across the university. The Excellence in Teaching Awards ask students to nominate staff who have gone above and beyond in improving students’ learning experience. Course reps help in the judging process by putting forward nominations from their academic unit. You’ll also be invited to attend the Excellence in Teaching Awards event.


Most importantly, being a course rep is a great way to meet and get to know other students on your course! Because you’re the front line of representation, we want you to talk facebook and tweet at as many students as possible, so their voice can be heard.

SUSU will be running several rep socials throughout the year so that you can meet course reps across other faculties.