Autumn Elections Candidates - With over 400 nominations received, the list of candidates is now available to view

We are run by students for students. That’s why we hold democratic elections for you to choose the students who lead the Union.

We hold elections in Autumn, Spring and Summer with different roles available in each election period. You don't need experience, the Union will provide training, support and guidance so long as you are passionate about what you do, you're ready to take a lead on what you love.

If you are interested in academic issues, you can run to become a Course Representative, Academic President or a Faculty Officer to help make sure you are getting the best from your degree. You can run to become a Student Leader and help the Union work on key issues that effect student life. Or, you can campaign to become a Sabbatical Officer and run the Union, gaining invaluable skills in leadership, decision making and representation.

There are many more roles available besides those mentioned above, to find out more please take a look at the details for each election period and see how you can get involved.


In Autumn 2017 we will be holding elections for Academic Representatives, Halls Committees, WSA Committee, Student Leaders and Union Senate

  • Nominations are open from 25 September, 09:00 to 16 October, 13:00
  • Voting is open from 17 October, 09:00 to 20 October, 16:00

During this period the Union will elect its largest body of student representatives. This includes over 450 Course Reps, almost 100 Halls Reps, Senators, Committee members and Student Leaders. You could be one of them!

Course Representatives bridge the gap between staff and students by feeding back concerns at the Student Staff Liaison Committee. Typically, there will be a Course Representative for each year of a course and you will report to the Academic President of your unit.

We have 8 Senators who make up Union Senate as well as the Chair of Senate. Together they help to hold the Union to account by monitoring the actions of our Full-time and Part-time officers. They are also called upon to make decisions that fall outside or above zone level.

Each Halls accommodation has a Halls Committee who is made up of current residents. They are responsible for ensuring the views of students in halls and private rented accommodation are represented at the Union. They will make sure you have the best experience by setting up social events, keeping you safe and feeding back your concerns to the Union and University.

Postgraduate students make up almost a third of the student population at Southampton University. The Postgraduate Committee are looking for members to help support our postgraduates with academic and welfare issues as well as to help organise and run social events.

We are also electing our Open Place Committee Members, each zone elects a number of open places where students can sit on the committee and help to lead the discussion. This important role ensures that decisions made by the Union reflect the wider student body.

Alongside the roles above, we will by By-Electing vacant roles from last year. These include Academic Presidents, Academic Vice-Presidents, Student Leaders and WSA Committee members.


Spring 2018 will see elections being held for our full-time officer positions for 2018-19, and Student Leaders and Trustees of the Union

Nominations will be open in early January, with voting taking place late February and early March 2018


The Summer term elections will have opportunities to run for Academic Presidents and assorted other roles for the new academic year

More information about this election will be available later in the academic year, so please check back in Spring to find out more