Charlotte Colombo

Wessex Scene Editor

Key Points

  • Two years on committee and various media work experience.
  • More community engagement and field journalism.
  • Increasing Wessex Scene‚Äôs representation across the University.
  • Themed magazines on serious issues like human rights.
  • Encourage diversity and representation with writers and content.

Why vote for me?

Wessex Scene has profoundly impacted my life, and as Editor I want to give back. Experience Two years on Wessex Scene committee as Opinion and Politics Editor. Work experience with: The Week, Dorset Echo and Northern & Shell Media Group. 6 months as Editorial Assistant for local start-up publication Tru. Assistant judge for awards ceremony ran by the Society of Professional Journalists in the US. Active writer for several publications. Aims Continue with topical magazines i.e....(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

As the university newspaper, what will you do to ensure you're covering things students actually need to know about? There's been a big decline, mostly because of the themed issues, in you not reporting on important issues affecting the union, university, and the city. Themed issues are all well and good, but what will you do to actually be the university newspaper rather than just any other themed magazine?

Hi! That's a really good question. One of the reasons that Wessex Scene has moved towards themed issues in recent years is because SUSU has experienced budget cuts which means that funding for the creative industries has decreased, which means we don't have the financial means to produce enough print issues to keep up with the news and cover it in a print format. This is why I want to focus on Wessex Scene's online presence as an effective news outlet for students and reevaluate our social media strategy to ensure that we reach students in the most effective manner that suits them. We need to increase our output and efficiency with news articles, and a further reason we might have declined in this area recently is because we have struggled to find writers who engage with local issues and want to write news specifically. One of my manifesto points is to increase our coverage of local issues by getting out there in the community and finding out information for ourselves. We need to be going to more events and reaching out more to residents and local figures to make us more well-connected to the local area. Field journalism is not only a lot of fun, but a very effective way of finding out information, so I will aim to market this side of news journalism to try and fight back against that misconception that writing news is 'boring'. As for university-based news, I hope you can trust that I fully understand and appreciate the value it has and how important it is that students are informed, and this is something I know first-hand from working with the Students Union as a senator and student leader in the External Engagement Zone. In these roles, I represented student interests, held sabbatical officers to account and lobbied for change. These roles were hard work and they involved me being very proactive in order to get the results I wanted, and I fully intend on bringing that proactivity to the role as Editor by not only waiting for information to come to me, but also getting out there and looking for it ourselves by opening up more of a regular dialogue with colleagues in the University and Union through conversations, interviews, and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. I also recently undertook work experience as a researcher for a news digest magazine, and I plan to impart the research skills I learnt to all new committee members (especially the News Editors) and any aspiring news reporters. I want to make sure ALL committee members are trained because our primary focus as a student publication is to inform students on what they need to know, and each and every committee member will be expected to contribute to news as part of the team to help us meet that goal. Finally, if I am elected, I plan on reevaluating the number of News Editors on committee. In recent years, we went down from three News Editors to two, and I think that may correlate with the decline of news output. I plan on discussing this possible link with my predecessors and weighing up the pros and cons on bringing back a third News Editor, but this is a move I am strongly in favour of and something I think will really help improve the news output of Wessex Scene.

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