James Franks

Intra-Mural Officer

Key Points

  • Push for better value from Sports and Wellbeing membership fee
  • Improve Publicity and promotion of Intra-mural sport
  • Improving Refereeing/Umpiring and minimise no-shows
  • Helping teams recruit easier
  • Improving the speed that quick-fix issues are resolved

Why vote for me?

Over the past 6 months in the role there has been progress on issues on refereeing/umpiring, publicity, inter-team communication and training. I have also represented the views of all 108 Intra-mural teams to SUSU and Sport and Wellbeing including discontempt of Sports Pass Prices and the Value For Money intra-mural sport offers. However. I believe that we have a lot more progress that we can make. I want to coordinate a long term strategy in Intra-mural Sport focussing on Value for Money, Improving...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

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