Siobhan La Roche-Seeley

RAG President

Key Points

  • Focus on a long-term campaign: homelessness in Southampton
  • Increase volunteer-led events
  • Be more inclusive of post-grads and WSA students
  • Increase awareness of Big Give Week to students
  • Widening the style of events to appeal to different students

Why vote for me?

Why vote for me? - I am currently on the committee under the role of Big Give Officer, which involves organising a week's worth of charity events. This has enabled me to understand the ways in which each committee member is crucial to running RAG and what is required of the president.  - I have had extensive experience in events planning and volunteering and I want to go into the charitable sector as a career after university, strengthening my commitment to RAG and student fundraising. -...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

How much experience do you have with Southampton RAG?

I have been a member of RAG for over a year now after joining in my 1st year. I am currently on the committee under Big Give Officer, a position which requires me to organise a week's worth of charitable events in order to raise as much money as possible! I have also been involved in a variety of other aspects of RAG, from attending raids like the BCN megaraid in London, to helping out with a multitude of our events including Jailbreak and Lost. I'm at the roundup every week and recently I have been leading roundups that are associated with Big Give, allowing me to get to know all of our new volunteers and help lead events teams. Before joining Southampton RAG I was also responsible for RAG at my secondary school, under the title of Head Charity Prefect, which stood me in good stead for joining the society here at uni. So, whilst I may not have been a part of Southampton RAG for as long as others, I was not new to RAG in general, meaning I was able to become more involved more quickly.

This question was also asked to Benjamin Shaw, Samuel AgnewAnswered by Siobhan on 03/03/19 19:55


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