Aiden Graham

Candidate for Senator

  • I have the necessary skills to work in this environment
  • I will be unwavering in support/scrutiny of the union
  • I would improve reorientation and transparency of the union
  • I would push to close the "digital divide"
  • I would be willing to take on feedback from students

Why vote for me?

As an elected member of the committee for Electronics and Computer Science Society, I have already shown the desired qualities required to work in an environment such as that of the Senate. I am both hard-working, committed and have an exceptional affinity for teamwork.

As a Senator my job would be to hold the Sabbatical officers to account for the actions of SUSU as a whole and I will be uncompromising and unwavering in both my support and scrutiny when appropriate.

I believe SUSU currently represents students well, but I am more than aware of a feeling of discontent amongst the student body and would hope to improve on the representation of those who currently feel overlooked and disaffected. Additionally, I would endeavour to make the day to day actions of SUSU more transparent than they already are. Right now, a majority of students are still undertaking their studies whilst not on campus and it is imperative that all students feel represented as best as they can by the student's union, and I am personally determined to make that a reality.

There is also cause for concern regarding the “digital divide” within the student body and I would hope to push SUSU towards closing this divide as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I have made plenty of promises above so I only ask of you to give me the opportunity to fulfil them by supporting me and casting your vote in my favour.


Aiden has not spent any of their budget yet