Thomas Andresen

Candidate for Senator

  • Represent the international community
  • Introduce an international outlook
  • Ensure fairness
  • Voting on issues with a realistic mindset
  • Rigorous follow-ups on issues

Why vote for me?

God dag alle sammen!

My name is Thomas Andresen and I am running for the position of senator. I am an international economics student from Norway.

I want to make sure the international community has a strong voice present in the Student Union decision-making process. Having experience from multiple cultures has given me the right skills and tools to evaluate high-level and wide-reaching issues with a different outlook. Voting on issues with a realistic mindset while still prioritising equality and fairness is my goal. It is important to me that issues are followed up regularly, and I will take action if I see targets not being fulfilled.

Tusen takk for din oppmerksomhet. Jeg håper du vil stemme på meg!

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What are your 3 core values?

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