David Williams

Vice President Welfare

Key Points

  • Foster an approachable union with long-term ambitions.
  • Empower Student Leaders and societies.
  • Register SUSU to be able to service DBS checks.
  • Create online booking system for the Advice Centre.
  • Commit SUSU to environmentally-responsible products and strategies.

Why vote for me?

Hey, my name’s Dave and I’d love to be your next VP Welfare. University is different to any other time in your life, with different opportunities and challenges. I want SUSU to be there for students by putting emphasis on an approachable union and long-term ambitions. SUSU is led by students and I want to reinforce that through empowering Student Leaders and societies. There’s so much to gain by collaborating across zones, from supporting Year Abroad/Year in Industry students...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

You have a policy to "create a £750 prize for sustainable projects within the University’s SEED Fund Competition". In light of recent, and impending, grant cuts, how do you intend to fund this project?

Hi, thanks for the question. I think it's important SUSU as a body promotes sustainability, and I also want to increase dialogue between the union and students, so this is a good combination of these aims. I think it would work on two levels: firstly it could be seen as incentivising sustainable thinking among students, but could also give a great project in this area the chance to be realised. The SEED Fund runs twice a year, and currently has two tiers of funding: £500 for start-ups or £2500 to take projects to the next level. So we'd be committing SUSU to investing £1500 a year into great student-led sustainability initiatives - but I don't want to just award the money and be done, I'd like to keep up with the project(s) and provide support if we can. Thanks for getting in touch, please feel free to ask more if anything isn't clear!

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Could you explain more about the policy to "make society funding conditional to having considered environmental impact"?

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