Miles Jordan

Candidate for Vice President Engagement

  • I enjoy engaging with and meeting new people
  • I have extensive fundraising experience and i'm passionate about charity
  • I Personally Understand the Importance of Mental Health Well
  • Students will enjoy university more if they're better engaged
  • Promote charitable activities as something clubs and societies should do

Why vote for me?

SUSU is an extremely complex institution with many different roles and projects, because of this I believe that it is essential that a sabbatical officer is willing to work with all employees and trustees of the Union.
If elected, I will focus on a select number of issues:
• Improve fresher rep training to ensure that freshers are aware of the support, particularly regarding mental health, that SUSU can provide. Whilst ensuring that the role remains enjoyable for current students;
• Work with RAG, continuing to improve their excellent fundraising work;
• Improve the engagement of students, clubs and societies in the wider local community;
• Make students feel more engaged with Southampton as a city, and work to promote the University and the good students do.
I will work to ensure that all students, but particularly first years feel able to engage with the vibrant community within Southampton and Winchester. This is because I believe that students who have a better experience during Freshers are more likely to succeed in their life at University, both academically and socially. Key to making this happen will be increasing the promotion of societies and sports teams, as feeling part of a team, is beneficial to mental and physical wellbeing.
With regard to working with the local community, both students and local residents, I want to ensure that students are aware of the many volunteering opportunities in charity shops and other locations in Southampton, Portswood specifically. This would enhance the reputation of Students within the local community and also help students improve their CVs. I will do this by taking inspiration from numerous societies, Vixens in particular, and the work that they do in mobilising members of their societies for the good of the wider community. Whilst I acknowledge that I haven’t been involved in RAG directly I have experience fundraising and thoroughly enjoy charity work.
Giving further regard to Students and Mental Health, I would work to ensure that all students, new and old were made aware of the services offered by the University and SUSU. I believe that altering the training of freshers’ reps to increase the initial support they can provide will vastly improve the mental health, broadly speaking of students here. Whilst obviously there must remain a focus on helping freshers to move into halls, and initially accompanying them on nights out providing support can range from, letting them know that there are services available if they want to talk to, listening to their problems and taking them down to see Enabling services or a GP. Furthermore, I would work to listen to students concerns about the current mental health provision within SUSU and the university and thus ensure that their expectations are met and do my upmost to work closely with the elected VP Sports and VP Welfare, to ensure that students are not only engaged with life on and around campus, but also that they’re also feeling supported, and able to enjoy their time at a University unlike any other.

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

You say you will 'work with RAG, continuing to improve their excellent fundraising work', which is very vague. How do you plan to do this, and improve wider volunteering opportunities to students, when your only manifesto point on volunteering is for students to work in charity shops?

I acknowledge that I haven't got as much experience with RAG as some of the other candidates, however I believe that this is a good thing as i'll be coming into the VP Engagement role with a totally fresh look at things; this will be very helpful for RAG and SUSU as a whole. As VP Engagement working with RAG and their committee is a large part of the job and I would relish the opportunity to play a role in furthering fundraising, particularly though sponsorship and events such as Southampton Marathon or Tough Mudders, as not many students get involved with these type of events but those who do raise a lot of money for great causes. With regard to volunteering i'd get in contact with local charities, including but not limited to those which have shops locally and those which help to feed the homeless in Southampton, and invite them to come to the SU during freshers fortnight and talk to students, explaining what they do and getting students motivated and involved with charity in their spare time. This is something which can be repeated throughout the year, especially around the end of January at re-freshers. Furthermore i'd encourage students who are leaving university, or leaving their houses to donate any and all unwanted furniture which they have to charities and I would seek to organise a day at the end of the academic year where this can happen en masse.

This question was also only asked to MilesAnswered by Miles on 15/02/18 13:31

You say you want to improve Fresher Rep training; have you been a fresher rep and therefore experienced the training that has previously happened?

Good question, I was a fresher rep in my second year and have experienced the training. However, having talked to different people including some who were reps this year it would seem that the training has suffered somewhat from the increase in numbers of freshers reps, and therefore i'd say that we need reduce the numbers of reps and increase the quality of the training they receive.

This question was also only asked to MilesAnswered by Miles on 19/02/18 21:53

You haven’t mentioned Halls Committees as part of your manifesto, only Fresher Reps; are you aware of what Halls Committees are and that they are the team in Halls during the academic year, not the Fresher Reps?

Yes, I am aware of Halls Committees, I omitted them from my manifesto as there was limited space and due to the fact that , from my experience of working with them in the 2016/17 academic year as a freshers rep, they are prepared adequately for the role which they perform. I would add that I believe that all students who are working with freshers and students in general, particularly those who represent the union should be aware of mental health issues so I would strongly encourage members of Halls Committees to attend the mental health awareness training which I hope to lay on if elected.

This question was also only asked to MilesAnswered by Miles on 19/02/18 21:58

You don’t mention anything about Enterprise? What are your plans for the progression of Enterprise within the Union?

My plans for enterprise within the Union are simple. I want them to be able to operate how they wish. If they have questions or concerns, or require support my door will always be open to them. But I want them to have the freedom to develop their own plans as they see fit.

This question was also only asked to MilesAnswered by Miles on 19/02/18 22:03

How would you go about increasing the number of Fresher Reps?

I think that we should look to improve the quality of training that freshers reps receive and their knowledge of what's expected of them. So not necessarily the number of reps.

This question was also only asked to MilesAnswered by Miles on 19/02/18 22:01

Your poster states that you want to 'encourage more sports teams and societies to fundraise'. This is very vague. What does this actually mean, and how do you plan on implementing it?

Interesting Question, given the drop in funding that many societies and clubs have felt in recent years I would want to work with societies and sports teams to reprimand this shortfall. Some teams do already fund raise to make up for the money which they used to receive from SUSU with a portion of what they raise also going to charity. This is a model which I would like to see rolled out across the all teams and societies, this does of course rely on establishing a good working relationship with the elected VP Sports, which is something I would hope to do sooner rather than later if I were to be elected. Because teams and societies already have organisational structures in place I believe it would be relatively simple for each team to stage a fundraiser at some point in the year for a charity of their choice. Under the plans the majority of the money raised would be sent directly to the charity, with some also given to the club or society to help fund new equipment or travel etc.

This question was also only asked to MilesAnswered by Miles on 21/02/18 19:03

The only policy you seem to address is mental health awareness, but even so, you only focus on freshers. Do you any plans for addressing mental health awareness to existing students and postgraduates, who have a 50% prevalence of experiencing depression during their postgrad? You also don't address the fact that LGBT+ students are over twice as likely to experience mental health problems during university (YouGov 2016). If you wish to help mental health awareness then why haven't you used your ample interview opportunity's to highlight these issues?

As I've stated in my interviews I believe that all students deserve to have their problems listened to and that the 'focus' on freshers is being so directed as they environment is totally new for most of them and therefore by offering support to them they can help with the awareness of mental health for future cohorts of students. All students and all people deserve to have their mental health issues taken seriously and this is why I believe students from all communities, including the LGBT+ community, should be provided with the support which they need. Mental health isn't an issue which is specific to one group of people, whilst some groups do have higher rates of suffering from issues related to it anyone from any walk of life can experience issues. SUSU should work to improve the availability of mental health services and the awareness of mental health issues for everyone it represents. In my interviews I have spent large portions of the time highlighting issues relating to metal health. Here are a couple of them if you missed them: Thank you for your question.

This question was also only asked to MilesAnswered by Miles on 22/02/18 16:01

Do you think recognition of each zone in the Union is important? If so, how do you propose to increase awareness and participation, for increased transparency?

Recognition of each zone is of course important. Regarding increased awareness of and participation with SUSU I believe that if students are engaged they will be much more likely to partake in activities laid on by SUSU. By bringing students into SUSU and ensuring that they're aware of the benefits which they can gain from engaging with it. When this happens students will care more about SUSU and will therefore force it to be more transparent through asking more questions and opening up what can often be seen as a closed shop.

This question was also asked to Fleur Elizabeth Walsh, Charlie MorrisAnswered by Miles on 26/02/18 18:21


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