Mairin Williams

Candidate for Vice President Welfare

  • Highlight well being benefits of getting active, trying new skills and, getting outdoors in green/blue spaces.
  • Push for enabling services to have hours outside 11-3pm and have services available at other campuses.
  • Provide training in sustainability management to staff working at union outlets.
  • Provide students with a checklist resource of what to do when looking for and, letting house.
  • Create a student led interview and presentation practice and skills exchange sessions.

Why vote for me?

I am driven to make positive changes to the students union, striving for sustainability and, building a compassionate community on campus. Currently, I am primarly involved within the sustainability zone and as a course rep I use welfare roles in supporting students and make voices heard to the university and the union. By becoming VP Welfare I aim to use these skills to create a greener, more mindful student community. 

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

Could you explain further your policy on "student led interview and presentation practice and skills exchange sessions"? How do you envision this being relevant to the role of VP Welfare?

Hello, This point of my manifesto has arisen from feedback from students, to help be more confident delivering presentations and answering interview questions. Presentation delivery is an important employability skill and is required as part of academic modules, presenting masters projects or PhD vivas. Being able to practice and feel confident in front of peers and or friends in the lead up to presentations or interviews, prevents stress and anxiety that some students may feel if left to do alone or later in front of academics.- Saves speaking to the wall right? Therefore, this point comes under the remit of VP Welfare in the form of employability and wellbeing. From the feedback I recieved , I would like to put in place a structured session to practice presentations and, exchange skills/ give feedback. This could be in the form of booking a room each week and having a signup for groups or individuals wanting to practice presentations or interviews specifically. The options could be 'I would like to book room X with a group' or ' I would like to book room X as an individual looking for others to practice' the availability of 'preformed-groups' or collective individuals could be on alternate days. Also, the opportunity to join training/coaching sessions would be provided. Hope this helps, Mairin

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You want to “Provide training in sustainability management to staff working at union outlets” but what sustainability are you referring to? Financial stability? Environmental stability?

Hello, Both in a sense, since environmentally sustainable solution provide the best financial outcome in the long-run. Though this point is primarily alluding to environmental sustainability. There have been numerous occasions when I have witnessed staff and students not adhering to recycling and waste policies. Also, just a general awareness of the importance of avoiding food contamination and reducing waste in general. I am aware not all students are on point when it comes down to knowledge surrounding environmental issues and what that means in practice of lives and in the workplace. That is why I would like to not only provide training in this area but also amend sustainable practices for example continue to replace single use plastics with sustainable alternatives in the most cost-effective manner. I firmly agree that this issue should be tackled from all angles - industry, government and, community. And so expanding on the current sustainability movement within SUSU will play a big part towards tackling this. - Have a good day and if you have anymore questions please ask, Mairin

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Are you aware that Leyla, current Housing Officer has already provided “students with a checklist resource of what to do when looking for and, letting house.”?

Hello, you may not be aware but I answered a similar question in the 'Meet the Candidates' recorded by SUSUtv. - Although I was aware of this through researching, this was not brought to my attention initially. I put this down to a lack of communication . As well as improving the communication, I also want to improve the checklist by thoroughly reviewing the needs of students on other campuses as a means to improve the information already provided. - Hope this helps and if you have any other queries do give me a shout, Mairin

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In times where the University is forced to make budget cuts, do you think it would be possible realistically for the Enabling Services to increase their opening times, not only on Highfield but on other campuses?

It is so very important all students should have access to the support they need regardless of what campus they are on. Though, I am also aware of the financial strain on the university and this is something I would like to see where the time-money and staff could be best re-directed for the students who need it most. If it comes to the point of financial compromise, I propose hours shifted either outside the 11-3pm slots ( same number of working hours) and/or have a member of staff on wider campuses, once a week, so it is more accessible to students on other campuses . As the logistics of staffing would be carefully considered, this should be a realistic ask and cost effective outcome. -Thanks for your question, Mairin

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What do you do in your daily life to be more sustainable?

Hello - this is something I am deeply passionate about as an individual and love to share my experiences. As a student at NOCs I cycle daily. This not only reduces my carbon footprint but also is the easiest and healthiest way to travel round the city. I'd like to promote cycling in the city and also safe travel routes. To see what students think, I want to survey for interest about introducing a second hand bike loan scheme or a platform where graduating students can sell their bikes to other students. (This platform would be more specific and secure than free and for sale.) On longer journeys, I minimise my travel by car by taking public transport when possible. I am famously known round NOCs to have a keep cup and/or klean canteen, on me at all times for hot drinks. I also bring a water bottle and, cutlery wherever I go. I'd like to encourage these behaviours by creating further awareness and as a student collective refusing single use plastics (SUP) and unnecessary packaging. #refuseforvictory. I would also like to make this easier for students by working with union outlets to provide SUP-free products and train all levels of union staff on sustainable practices. Foodwise, I became a vegetarian about two years ago to try and reduce the demand on the energy-hungry resource intensive meat industry. I try to shop locally ( I receive a 'bitterne box' biweekly with local produce, and mainly plastic free). I also try to eat seasonally and grow herbs - looking forward to growing more fruit and veg this spring. As part of the student-led scheme, biocycle, I have a food waste bin and help on morning collections. I limit my plastic usage by buying items without it - I go to 'rice-up' wholefoods in town to replenish staples like porridge and, couscous as they have a dispenser system in place (something I'd like to put in place at the uni). As well as being meticulous with recycling, you will often find me doing a mini-litter picks on my walks round the city! I limit the number of new clothes I buy each year and try to buy quality over quantity. This is in order to reduce the energy cost in production and pollution caused by manufacturing process. If I need something for a social I have fun going round thrift shops with friends rather than popping into primark. I also wash my synthetic clothes (polyesters, acrylics etc.. ) In a guppy bag. to catch microfibres from escaping into the drain. (Microfibres are the most common microplastic western society that leach into the environment). I use a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, a safety razor (with replaceable metal blades), deodorant bar, solid shampoo and a hair conditioning mask for my hair. - all plastic free ! A keen advocate for the menstrual cup (they are honestly the best thing both comfort and financially, though it may appear gross). I don't wear make-up day to day only on occasion, Slowly, I am replacing my products with more sustainable and always cruelty-free alternatives. When out to dazzle I wear and promote biodegradable glitter (as opposed to microplastic variety). - I hope I have demonstrated how passionate I am about sustainability, how I incorporate it in my daily life and, what I want to do to share my knowledge and make it easier for students to be more sustainable.. Best wishes, Mairin

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