Isabella Camilleri

Candidate for Vice President Welfare

  • Improve advertisement of and access to advice services available
  • More immediate help for mental health- continue to destigmatise it
  • Implement sustainable initiatives led by student entrepreneurialism and ideas
  • Create a 'find a housemate' and a 'landlord review' system
  • Ensure safe, fun, rewarding university life for all students

Why vote for me?

Who am I?

Hey! I'm Isabella and I'm running for your next VP Welfare. I'm currently in my final year of BA Geography and am super passionate about social justice, welfare and rights. So much so that this year I have been volunteering part-time as your SUSU Wellbeing Officer. In this role I have helped run and promote wellbeing campaigns including; Men's Health Month and #ExpectRespect. In addition, I work part-time for the students union- so you may have seen me behind reception, serving you food or behind the camera at an event!

I have a passion for ensuring students have the best university experience possible, with the best support available. I would like to move from working and volunteering part-time at SUSU to continuing this dedication in ensuring the best student life, in a full-time position, using the role as VP Welfare to make real, positive changes.

What will I do if elected?

As VP Welfare, I endeavour to:


- Increase the reach and number of 'look after your mate' training sessions

- Use relationship with Student Minds and Solent Mind to offer information sessions/ campaigns about mental health to students

- Increase instant access and accessibility of mental health services

- Change and improve marketing strategies so that students know who they can turn to for help and advice

- Free condoms!!!!

- Continue and grow great work of sexual consent, health and awareness campaigns

- Ensure each academic faculty has active wellbeing member of staff and pastoral training for personal tutors

- Build better relationship with local GPs, to better establish and direct campaigns to problems students are facing

- Increase location range of safety bus to clubs in Soton

- Improve or change way that nightline functions

- Interactive pack for freshers, when moving in, with info of advice services and who to turn to for help

Equality and Diversity

- Make sure ALL students are represented and included in university life

- Celebrate how fortunate we are to have such a diverse study body!

- Improve disabled access of the Students Union

- Week of celebration for the equality and diversity student groups


- Affective communication between SUSU lettings/ housing officers and students in regards to housing advice

- Continue 'Don't Rush to Rent' campaign with housing fayres in January

- Create a 'find a housemate' system

- Create a 'house/landlord review' system

- Work with WSA to ensure students get support from SUSU lettings


- Right. The 'recycling' that takes place on campus is actually shocking, this will change

- BEES! Start bee keeping on campus

- Implement sustainable initiatives led by innovative student ideas

Thank you for reading my manifesto! If you want someone who truly cares about student welfare and is passionate to make real positive changes... vote for Isabella Camilleri as your no.1 choice for VP Welfare!

Keep up with my campaign at

Any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to get in touch! :)


Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

You have a policy which states: "celebrate how fortunate we are to have such a diverse study body". Could you expand on this, as it's a little vague!

Hi there! As VP Welfare, equality and diversity is a big part of the role and I think it's important to ensure that every student is represented and included in the student union community! In order to do this I would like to give students the opportunity to celebrate what makes them diverse, by working with VP Student Communities to help individuals or groups come up with ideas to empower their difference. For example, I love the decoration in reception for LGBT+ month at the moment! I think it would be great to give more student groups the opportunity to be seen and heard and celebrated. I hope this answers your question.

This question was also only asked to IsabellaAnswered by Isabella on 19/02/18 16:43

In terms of your points on recycling, would you extend this to the city itself? I want to recycle but what you actually can recycle in Southampton is shocking in comparison to other major cities. As well as encouraging recycling on campus, making sure that you can recycle a wide variety of things in the first place is important

Hi there, thanks for your question! I totally agree with you - Southampton City needs to drastically improve recycling! I'm from the greenest London Borough and it shocked me moving to So'ton, to see how little is recycled! If I'm elected VP Welfare, I will definately use my position of influence to address the council about the current recycling system. I think it would be great to offer opportunities for students to work with the council (as a work experience opportunity, using their knowledge from related courses) to bring about this change to So'ton recycling.

This question was also only asked to IsabellaAnswered by Isabella on 23/02/18 18:52

Would you be able to identify the key differences between the Advice Centre and the Enabling Services, and what each service aims to achieve?

Hiya! Thanks for your question. Both the Advice Centre and Enabling Services aim to other a range of free support to all students throughout their time here at the University of Southampton. The Advice Centre is run by SUSU and Enabling Services is run by The University- however both are available for use by any student! The Advice Centre more specifically offers vocal and practical help with housing, finance, academia and complaints. For example, they can help you write a special circumstances application. Enabling Services, more specifically, supports students with disabilities, mental health problems or specific learning difficulties. For example, they can offer courses of counselling and CBT. These services do work together and if you seek help from the Advice Centre, you may then be directed to Enabling for specific help e.g. addressing finance issues with the Advice Centre -> applying for the hardship fund with Enabling. Both services offer drop-ins throughout the week. If you'd like more information, follow to read about the Advice Centre and for more information about Enabling.

This question was also asked to Dave Williams, Mairin Williams, Olivia Reed, Qiaochu Yang, Iona McPherson, Miriam BarkerAnswered by Isabella on 23/02/18 19:44

You have a policy which states "[to] implement sustainable initiatives led by innovative student ideas". This is great; but what are your ideas?

Hey, thanks for your question! My ideas for sustainable improvements at SUSU are to; improve recyling and to ensure a successful, student-led, bee keeping society. In relation to improving recycling, I would like to implement food waste from SUSU being donated to local farms so that it can be composted and used as fertiliser. Another idea, that was suggested to me by a current student, is to introduce 'green roofs'.

This question was also only asked to IsabellaAnswered by Isabella on 23/02/18 21:03

What do you do in your daily life to be more sustainable?

Hi, thank you for your question! Day to day I make sure that I recycle as much as possible- at home and at uni! I don't like to waste food, so I cook portions and freeze them and make sure I portion size well, so that I don't have any food left on my plate! In terms of food scraps, I collect them and then compost them. I use public transport, walk or cycle around Southampton. I use my favourite bright yellow hydroflask water bottle and refill it reguarly. I did Veganuary and no longer buy milk or cheese. We have a set timer for our house heating and instead of turning on the whole house heating, if I'm cold, I will use layers and blankets!

This question was also asked to Dave Williams, Mairin Williams, Olivia Reed, Qiaochu Yang, Iona McPherson, Miriam BarkerAnswered by Isabella on 28/02/18 15:32

Rather than the rather allusive 'I will support the sexual consent campaign', what specific proactive steps would you take as welfare officer to help raise awareness about issues regarding sexual consent?

Hiya, thank you for your question! I'm glad you asked it as I'm able to expand on this very important point! As VP Welfare, I would like to break the silence (just what Sexual Consent Awareness Society have been campaigning for this week). What I mean by breaking the silence is; challenging rape myths and victim blaming- and running campaigns to do this. Also, I would like to continue the #ExpectRespect campaign. In addition, I would like to provide a service where sexual assault survivors can talk to people in confidentiality.

This question was also asked to Dave Williams, Mairin Williams, Olivia Reed, Qiaochu Yang, Iona McPherson, Miriam BarkerAnswered by Isabella on 02/03/18 14:12


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