Corin Holloway

Vice President Activities

Key Points

  • Improve website, especially society membership system
  • Get societies involved in SUSU events
  • make societies' activities schedule for freshers and
  • make list of volunteering opportunities around Uni & Southampton/Winchester
  • Do circus tricks at meetings

Corin Holloway - VP Activities Manifesto

Improve website

Society memberships:

  • Box office memberships
    • Let people buy society memberships at SUSU reception as well as online if they don’t like paying by card.
  • Exportable member lists
    • (If GDPR compliant) Make society memberships exportable, so you can put members in an external mailing list.
  • New member notifications
    • Options for new member notifications, the automatic “you have joined this society” email to be modifiable by the society and an optional “a new member has joined” notification.
  • Ex-student memberships
    • Try to make getting membership easier for people who want to continue societies when  they graduate


  • Add a volunteering section to the website. Include:
    • A link to the strive e-badges volunteer recognition blog
    • An explanation of how to access the volunteering bank
    • Descriptions and links to all the volunteering societies within SUSU
    • Links to volunteering opportunities within UoS and community (big job)



  • Try to get more people engaged in societies.
    • Find advertising space from Uni for society events. EG: put list of society activities in the halls welcome packs.
    • Try to get some obvious poster/noticeboard space in Hartley
    • Get You Are More Than (exams…) to do more things with societies
    • Empower societies to run taster sessions.
  • More society storage
    • Put shelves/lockers in cage, so more stuff can be stored in the same space
  • Freshers’ events calendar
    • Create schedule of society activities in first couple of weeks (and continuously if it’s feasible) for freshers to try stuff out and help them join societies.
  • Freedom
    • Not meddle too much in society affairs. Oppose measures which restrict society freedom.
  • Fair funding
    • Yeah.

Volunteering & Fundraising

  • Evaluate and advertise the Strive volunteer recognition scheme
  • Volunteer discounts
    • I submitted a You Make Change about giving volunteers discounts at the cafe and bridge and current sabbs are trying to make it happen. I’ll make sure it continues.
  • Be friends with and advertise RAG and other volunteer societies.
  • Arrange more events like the Excellence Volunteering Awards for volunteers to get to know each other and be rewarded.


  • I want to listen to people’s ideas - either through FB, email or You Make Change... If you have things you want to happen with societies, contact me!
  • Sabbatical roles have changed this year and environmental issues are now under the president’s role. I love the environment, so will make sure they remember.
  • Oppose any funding cuts to SUSU from the University.
  • Help entrepreneurs. Connect them to groups like Future Worlds, Fish on Toast, Social Impact Lab, SUSU Enterprise Fund...


  • SUSU Clubs and Societies Officer
    • Experience attending/chairing meetings about societies & democracy as well and communicating between societies and SUSU. I know what’s feasible and am fairly sure I can accomplish all this.
  • Electronic engineering student, so know how websites work.
  • I’m on the committee for 6 different societies and a member of 19 more.
  • I spend about twice as long volunteering as I do in lectures.
  • Made SUSU changes through You Make Change. EG: bike fixing equipment in SUSU.