Jonty Hackett

Sustainability Officer

Key Points

  • Lobby for ethical investment and research into renewable energy
  • Modernising operations across the university that produce unneccesary waste
  • A 'Big Clear Out' for unwanted items to charity
  • 'Buy Local' scheme to encourage food sustainability
  • University-wide competitions for waste reduciton with worthwhile prizes

I believe that this university can lead the way in sustainable policy and pioneering renewables research.

Of the 154 recognised universities in the country, People & Planet ranked the University of Southampton 93rd in its green league table for 2018. This is no surprise given the university's weak track record when implementing an effective sustainability policy, as well as its continued investments and ties to fossil fuel companies such as Shell UK. I will make it my mission to lobby the university into bringing about effective sustainability commitments in the key categories:

Carbon management and reduction

Modernising operations to reduce all 3 scopes of carbon emissions by pushing for paperless incentives and the replacement of wasteful and outdated devices or equipment. 

Waste & Recycling initiatives

Recycling bins, posters and stickers, as well as a push for a 'Big Clear Out' scheme, where students donate items they don't want to keep at the end of the academic year. 

Ethical investments

I will lobby the university to totally divest in any fossil fuel companies and invest both a portion of its endowment fund, as well as its research funding into renewable energy.

Sustainable food

Active encouragement for a local produce initiative adopted by both students and the university facilities.

Staff & student engagement and awareness

Eco-competitions in residences and on campus for waste reduction and reduced energy consumption, with worthwhile rewards and prizes!

A vote for me is a vote for someone that will lobby for hands-on change and joined-up policy.