Guna Govindu

Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer

Key Points

  • Would reflect the ideas&problems clearly to the assigned
  • Will be honest and maintain healthy relationships with everyone.
  • Will be accountable to the activities and duties.
  • Do not under any conflicts and hurt any-others feelings.
  • Will be responsible for the deeds as a representative.

Hello guys,

I am Guna Shekar an international student with a zeal to participate in the academic activities. Prior to this opportunity I had an experience as a student representative at my college in bachelors. My duty was to convey the problems and the ideas of the students  to the management of my college and was successful in that role. As I was terrific at the role I was re-elected for the second semester.  I am an individual who always tries to engage myself in interacting with others. In addition to that, I was an active volunteer and an organiser for the workshops and events  held at my college and got admired. I have learnt many things like time management, leadership skills, decision making,public speaking and representation of an ideology from the role as a student representative. I can assure that with my experience and the skillset  makes me to achieve the tasks of the role certainly. I can clearly reflect the ideas and the statements of the students to the faculty, sabbatical officers, coordinators (vice-versa)and can maintain the healthy relationships in between them because of my past experience . I hope that my nature of being strong at tough situations and my leadership skills can make me a good representative. I hope you will decide the best to you and dedicate your valuable vote to me.

Thank you,

Guna Shekar.