Christina Olgaard

Sustainability Officer

Key Points

  • Introduce benefits for students who actively help achieve sustainability
  • Help reduce waste by implementing a 'Coffee Mug Scheme'
  • Promote the positive changes the university has made through outreach
  • Host different events that introduce easy everyday sustainability
  • Listen to and introduce changes students want

Hello everyone!

My name is Christina and I'm a positive and outgoing person who has a big place in their heart for sustainability. For years now I have been trying to implement small changes in my life day-to-day that are more environmentally friendly.

Last year I was president of the Marine Conservation Society, and prior to that I was Course rep for Marine Biology, and from these opportunities I gained experience with communicating effectively with students and the university. 

A plan that I saw on my semester abroad that I would love to introduce at the university is a plan for reducing plastic waste by implementing a 'University Coffee Cup Scheme', where students can buy a reusable university coffee mug for a certain price and get as much free tea or coffee as they want for a semester. I think it would be a fun idea to come up with different benefits for students who help with reducing waste, and so this will be on the top of my priority list. Outreach is another thing I absolutely love and think is essential, therefore organising different sustainability events and promoting changes the university has already made is extremely important to me.

In summary, I would love to use my knowledge about the environment to help introduce new ways to be more sustainable as well as promoting a lot of the awesome change the university has made!

Peace & Love,