Emily Harrison

Union President

Key Points

  • Ensure withheld lecturer strike pay is used to benefit students.
  • Improve transport links to NOCS and SGH
  • Set up a recycling reward scheme
  • Improve laundry facilities in halls
  • Review catering on campus

About Me

Hi, I’m Emily Harrison, your current Vice President Student Communities. This year, I have worked hard to improve student experience by implementing the WSA Shuttle weekend service, our first ever Bunfights at Sites at Boldrewood and Avenue and Advice Centre drop ins at Avenue and WSA. I also sit on the Sustainability zone and have worked extensively with international, postgraduate and medical students living in halls. You should vote me for Union President because I’m incredibly motivated, dedicated and, with a year of experience and relationship-building, believe I am absolutely the best person to lead the Union in continuing to make positive change for students.

My Policies

University Liaison

  • Ensure that students are not negatively affected during the interim Vice Chancellor period when Sir Christopher leaves in March.
  • Ensure withheld lecturer strike pay is used to benefit students: Work to improve things such as sports and library facilities.
  • Work with the University to improve communication to students.


  • Improve transport links to NOC and SGH: Continue working with Unilink to increase the frequency of the buses, particularly on U1 and U6 routes.
  • Implement permanent Union presence at all sites: Ensure information about SUSU is displayed at every campus to increase awareness and that all students have equal access to services.
  • Gender neutral toilets: Work to make sure they are made available at every campus.


  • Set up a recycling reward scheme: Install reverse vending machines which give students rewards, such as vouchers for Union outlets, in return for depositing recyclable items to encourage more people to recycle and reduce waste.
  • Create a zero waste shop: Set up a small shop selling organic, plastic-free, unpackaged products where people bring their own containers.
  • Roof garden: Utilise SUSU building roof space to create a garden and allotment area for students.


  • Improve laundry facilities in halls: Work with Circuit laundry to improve the efficiency and pricing of laundry in University halls.
  • Review and improve meal times in catered halls: Work with the University to ensure meal times are accessible to all students regardless of degree or placement commitments.
  • Improve the Halls representation structure: Consult with students and the University to devise a more effective, consistent and long lasting halls representation structure.

Union Services

  • Make Union events more student-led: Allow students to vote on things like type, theme and location of events to ensure that all Union events are student-led.
  • Review catering on campus: Have consultation about what people want and work with the University to ensure that outlets are affordable and sustainable for both students and the Union. Introduce more world food and drink, including Bubble Tea.
  • Language badges for staff: Introduce badges which specify when Union staff speak secondary languages to increase accessibility for International students.
  • Support staff: Offer career and employability advice for support staff. Ensure there are opportunities for performance related pay rise, as with core staff.

To read my policies in more detail and keep up to date with my campaign head to fb.me/VoteEmilyForUnionPresident2019