Ria Dunn

Mathematical Sciences School President

Key Points

  • Get the student voice heard
  • Build a greater sense of community
  • Help reduce stress
  • Bring on positive change
  • Ensure you get the best out of your degree

I have a lot of ideas for the Maths Department and want to bring on some positive change. From creating a greater sense of community to making sure that the student voice is heard, I want to ensure that all students get the best out of their degree that they can.

As the current second year course representative I am already familiar with the structure of the Student Staff Liaison Committees and who would be best to go to depending on what changes are needed within the course, which I feel gives me a strong platform to use to improve the course and feed back from the students.

Ideally, I would like to organise many student lead events, geared towards dealing with the stress of deadlines and exams, and helping people get to know their course mates. These would also be a perfect opportunity to get feedback from everyone for me to pass on.