Hope Shaw

Electronics and Computer Science School President

Key Points

  • Introducing a Freshers Mentoring Scheme
  • Pushing against coursework clashes
  • Removal of in-class tests and excessive assessment
  • Strong course rep engagement
  • B16 feature water fountain with swans and mood lights

Hi! I'm Hope and I have been your School President for the last year. I would really like to continue in this role for my fourth year as there are many changes in progress that I'd love to see completed instead of being lost in admin hell. Here's what I've been up to this year:

Weekly meetings with course reps and staff, with an increase in meetings of 700%. Paper approved by Education Committee holding staff to a higher standard of intranet notes. Currently working with staff towards an updated hand-in software which blocks coursework clashes. Pushing for a unified calender for lecturers, labs, tests and courseworks (that you can subscribe too). Introducing a fresher's mentoring scheme with spaces opening next acedemic year. Constantly chasing Oakley about the B16 water fountain. Considered building my own B16 water fountain. Improved awareness and training for supporting learning difficulties with stricter resource formating. Moved back a lot of clashes and near-clashes. Attend ~100 hours of departmental committees, reaching out for student opinions and representing our best interests. Endeavouring to make your lives easier.