Nick Hillier

Engineering and Physical Sciences Postgraduate Research Representative

Key Points

  • Representation at the highest level
  • PGR Voice
  • Seeking positive change
  • Improving demonstrator opportunities
  • Creating an inclusive environment

I have been your current PGR representative for 7 months and in that time have brought your concerns to both Faculty Graduate School boards and the Doctoral College board. I have pressed for answers on the questions I hear from you, such as the cut in demonstrating hours in Engineering, gender inclusivity issues on reporting and demonstrator pay irregularities. I have also been active in the work looking into mental health within our PGR community and the student voice on the board looking at improving the dreaded PGR Tracker.

I have not achieved as much as I had hoped I would but I have built good relationships and have started down the road of change. I have consistently represented the FEPS PGR community at the highest levels I can and have strived to improve our experiences at this university. I am confident, with another year, I can really make the changes we want and need.